5 Things You Can Do Indoors In Hampton Roads on a Hot or Rainy Day!

Summer is here and in full swing in Hampton Roads. With so much to do in the local area if you are a beach goer, amusement park enthusiast or you just like to see the local sites you know this area is for you. But there are days in the summer where your family might just need a break from going to these places, and you need something else to do.How about going to places that might be indoors and {Read More}

4 Important Tips To Teach Your Daughter When She Gets Her First Period!

This is the day I have not been looking forward to as a mother because we all know what can happen when you become a “woman”. Due to my daughter’s age of 10 ½, you can totally understand my concerns, that it’s just too early! On the contrary, it’s when she is supposed to get it, according to our family physician. They have been prepping me for this day for the last two years and with the intuition from the {Read More}

5 Ways to get most of out of your Busch Gardens ® Food & Wine Festival Experience!

We already know that amusement parks aren’t just for kids but for everyone! Busch Gardens ® is always looking to get everyone involved with fun and excitement! But nothing as exciting as Food and Wine, Right? The best part this event is that it gets better and better each and every year! As an adult what a better way to enjoy the experience at Busch Gardens ® especially when your family is with you but to the annual Busch Gardens {Read More}

Making Dinner a whole lot easier with Home Chef, Fresh Food delivery to your door!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a complimentary 2 serving meals from Home Chef via USFamily Guide to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.As mothers, we always get the question of, “what’s for dinner?” from our kids and spouse every day. You can stop these issues by offering a variety to your home cooked meals with Home Chef! Getting ready-made meals delivered to your door is the new craze! Join in and get the best meals {Read More}

Have a loved one suffering from Cancer? Give them a boost with this book, The Cancer Concierge

No matter who you speak to chances are they have a family member or someone close to them that has cancer. I mean for me it has struck every member of my family including my mother and most recently my younger brother. Cancer, unfortunately, is a horrible disease that affects any person of any age, but one thing is for certain there are things we can do to help minimize the struggle of the disease.  I have learned that Vital Options {Read More}