Unsure for the Perfect Gift for Mom? You can celebrate Mom in a new way that will outlast generations with American Evolution!

Each year it becomes harder and harder to find your mom that one special gift. How do you shop for the one person who has everything? Sometimes getting gifts that last thru generations is what Mom might want this year! Lucky for you if you live in the State of Virginia like I do,  you can get your mother personally honored in a way you might not have known before. It is amazing to learn that mom can give the {Read More}

5 Steps to Avoid Sun Damaged Skin for the Whole Family

As the weather gets better we have to remember to take care of our skin not only for ourselves but for our children. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “Each year in the US, nearly 5 million people are treated for skin cancer .In 2006, in the most recent study available, 3.5 million cases were diagnosed in 2.2 million people.” (Skin Cancer) Many of the reasons why more and more people are getting skin cancer is due to their sun {Read More}

5 Things you won’t want to Miss with your Kids at Busch Garden in Williamsburg

Spring is well under way for the 2017 season at Busch Gardens. Kids of all ages will be happy to be apart of all this fun! Here is a compiled list of what you don’t want to miss. KIDsiderate Attractions– It’s all about the kids nine years and younger with these attractions. Children never have to fear not being able to get on rides; this area is just for you. Sesame Street Forest of Fun and the Land of the {Read More}

Perfect Salads from Farm to Table with The Neighborhood Harvest

 I am all about supporting local business as a blogger; I found the most exciting way to get the freshest items delivered right to your door by using delivery service from The Neighborhood Harvest. Locally grown in Suffolk, will you get the freshest ingredients to make the perfect salad. Well known on the Southside of Hampton Roads with farm to table fresh greens, eggs, tomatoes and now cucumbers can the homes on the Peninsula now enjoy delivery to their homes.Do {Read More}

7 Things you can do with the Kids during Spring Break in Hampton Roads!

Yes, Spring Break has come so fast by this time of year your kids are dying to get out of their regular school routine. I know for me I do need the break of getting up super early, making lunches, homework and overall running like a chicken with my head off. But if you’re like me then you know you can have mixed feelings about having the kiddos home, because they just might drive you crazy. I have found quite {Read More}