Get your Kids and You Back on Track with Fool Proof Tips for A Sleep Schedule Routine That Will Make Your Mornings Easier!

For many of us parents, we have our children going back to school! As exciting as that might sound, getting your kids there is not an easy task. I have to say when school ended, I jumped with joy not having to worry about a “schedule”, but in reality, my family truly relies on routine. You and your children will and always are better for it. Being a stay at home mom I have more leniency when it comes to {Read More}

A Mother’s Weapon: The Kooty Key-The Germ-Free Tool!

When it comes to kids, mother’s know that some things can spread so easily you’re right at the doctor’s office. When it is time to go back to school many mothers like myself are always concerned because we just do not want our children to be sick. But, can it be prevented? Well the best way always is the wash your hands, right? While that is true in very many cases, I have found a new way all moms can {Read More}


Many parents know the disappointment of seeing their bright child score poorly on an exam even after hours of studying.“I knew the answers before the test!” and “My mind went blank when I saw the test!” are common refrains from these frustrated children.These aren’t excuses. What these children are experiencing can likely be attributed to test anxiety, a real phenomenon that occurs when nervousness goes into overdrive, causing physical, behavioral and cognitive consequences that can impact test scores.Fortunately for parents {Read More}

5 Tips To Get Your Child Better Prepared To Go Back To School!

 Disclosure: This post has been compensated by Diamond Bloggers. All opinions are mine alone. Time is flying fast and before you know it, its back to school for many kids! Not only does that mean getting you (Mom and Dad ready), but also your kids prepared to be back on a normal routine. For many kids school is very difficult no matter what grade or age. Some kids that have been to school still have school anxiety of meeting new kids, {Read More}

Shop Early for Back to School: Top 7 Stores you should check out to get the best deals!!!!

 Summer is moving and moving fast that school is right around the corner for your kids. Now for some parents they are over joyed that school is coming, but like any parent is not looking forward to back to school shopping. For some it can be very overwhelming, expensive and kind of feel like Christmas all rolled in one. But there is hope it’s July and some of your favorite stores are offering all types of deals and discounts on {Read More}