4 Important Tips To Teach Your Daughter When She Gets Her First Period!

This is the day I have not been looking forward to as a mother because we all know what can happen when you become a “woman”. Due to my daughter’s age of 10 ½, you can totally understand my concerns, that it’s just too early! On the contrary, it’s when she is supposed to get it, according to our family physician. They have been prepping me for this day for the last two years and with the intuition from the {Read More}

Holiday Weekend Coming Up? Plan for an Easy Impromptu BBQ #summerfun #party

With summer right around the corner, there is nothing like the warmer weather and the days getting longer to make you feel great. BBQ’s get the summer mood going for the entire season. Planning parties, in general, are not that easy especially if you are on a budget. But you can pull off an easy impromptu BBQ without out a whole lot of fuss and limited funds!All you need is a week to get your menus set, the place where {Read More}

5 Steps to Avoid Sun Damaged Skin for the Whole Family

As the weather gets better we have to remember to take care of our skin not only for ourselves but for our children. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “Each year in the US, nearly 5 million people are treated for skin cancer .In 2006, in the most recent study available, 3.5 million cases were diagnosed in 2.2 million people.” (Skin Cancer) Many of the reasons why more and more people are getting skin cancer is due to their sun {Read More}

Keep Kids Safe Around Pools: Learn more about Child Drowning Cases That Have this in Common

Special thanks to Eric Lupton is the President of  Life Saver Pool Fence for this contribution to this story.Of all the statistics burned into my memory since I began advocating drowning prevention 20-years ago, one stands out above the rest. And it’s is not the statistic you hear most often. It isn’t that drowning is the number one accidental killer of children under five or that in 69% of fatal drowning incidents one or both parents were responsible for supervision. Those are both jarring {Read More}

5 Reasons to Why Parents Need To Sleep!

As an adult, there is never enough time in the day to do every task you set your mind to. Did you know one big portion of your day should be reserved for sleep? With sleep, you should make it your number one priority since it does have an enormous impact to your over all well-being. As a “sleepy parent”, as I call it you become a Mombie or Dadbie trying to revolve around life’s craziness of going through the {Read More}