Want a Restaurant Quality Meal For Dinner Tonight? Make This Ginger Garlic Shrimp and Spinach! #icancook #glutenfree

 If you are trying to lose weight, eat better or just have a meal that would be made like a restaurant then this is the dish for you. With the hubby dieting and trying to eat right, food can get kind of boring right with the same dishes being served. But you can change it up if you love shrimp like I do plus with a good helping of Spinach you have a easy dish you are able to make {Read More}

Perfect Salads from Farm to Table with The Neighborhood Harvest

 I am all about supporting local business as a blogger; I found the most exciting way to get the freshest items delivered right to your door by using delivery service from The Neighborhood Harvest. Locally grown in Suffolk, will you get the freshest ingredients to make the perfect salad. Well known on the Southside of Hampton Roads with farm to table fresh greens, eggs, tomatoes and now cucumbers can the homes on the Peninsula now enjoy delivery to their homes.Do {Read More}

Easy Cake in your Mug Recipe Ever!

Want a cute way to get your kids to do something fun while they are home on Spring Break or the weekend? Or maybe you have been hankering for a sweet but don’t wish to have cake staring you in the face more than what you want it for. Then, why not make individual cakes in your favorite coffee mugs. It is a simple recipe once you show your kids they will want to do this all the time. Keep {Read More}

Bring the Caribbean to your home with Sofrito Shrimp Guacamole with Tostones Cups.

 I am always looking to make something new and exciting in my kitchen. I have found that when making food I often get inspired to make a dish that you wouldn’t normally make, but will have on vacation. This recipe is inspired by my Puerto Rican heritage. This recipe will include some of my favorite taste, which are shrimp, avocados and plantains. When you see shrimp served it will accompany plantains in a salad of some sort like in ceviche. {Read More}

Want to make Family night or a Girls Night Easy? Make this Easy Veggie Pizza with Balsamic Glaze.

Now and then you crave for something different. When it comes to pizza your family may want the traditional flavors like cheese or peperoni. But you may want to have pizza and not feel guilty about it the next day. Recently, I made a veggie pizza that got all my girlfriends going crazy for! It is such a great dish to make for a girls night in!!  Tell me what you think?   Eat and Enjoy!   Disclaimer: This recipe is not sponsored. All {Read More}