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4 Self-Care Ideas For You & Your Children

4 Self-Care Ideas For You & Your Children

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Everybody needs to take time for self-care within their lives. Moms most definitely deserve it as do your kids. With the daily stresses that we encounter on a regular basis, taking time out of your day for self-care with your children is a great way to collectively unwind and also spend some time together. The next time you feel you and your family are in need of some distressing, try out some of these approaches to self-care that will be beneficial for both you and the kids!

Treat Yourselves to a Mani-Pedi

With all the open-toed shoes we’re rocking for the summertime, give your nails some TLC and get yourself a mani-pedi with the kids. This is a great way to enjoy some family time while also getting pampered. Your kids will love the chance to pick some of their favorite colors and designs and won’t be able to wait until they can show off their nails to their friends! If you really want to have your kids feel extra involved, consider asking them which design and nail color they think would look best on you. Or you can take it a step further and extend the invite to some of their friends as well. They’ll appreciate you fitting in some friend time as well as family time.

Go to a Movie

A great activity for Saturday night is treating yourself and your kids to a movie. Not only is this a great way to see the latest and greatest movies but also enjoy some of your favorite snacks. While some movie theaters are more expensive than others, there are many low-cost movie options that make going to the movies the perfect family-friendly, affordable activity.

Have an All-Out Beauty Session

We should never need a reason to get gussied up! Whether you and your kids want to take turns doing each other’s makeup or just follow along makeup tutorials, having a beauty session with your kids is a great way to add a little glam into your day and feel extra fabulous. If you really want to take your beauty session to the next level, consider dying your hair a fun color with your kids! Your kids will love doing something different with you and will be so excited to show it off at school. When doing so, consider using a natural hair dye such as this to give you and your kids only the healthiest kind of vibrant hair possible! 

Have a Beach Day

What’s a better way to unwind and enjoy the warm weather than by having a beach day? The next time you have a free Saturday with warm weather, get your kids out of the house and have some fun in the sun. This is a great way to get some vitamin D in, be active, and enjoy the outdoors! No matter how you may be feeling, enjoying a beach day full of delicious snacks, sun, and swimming will be sure to relieve any kind of stress from you and your kids.

These are only some of the many ways that you can help relieve stress from you and your family. I’d love to hear what some of your favorite self-care family activities are in the comments below!

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