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Self Care: 5 Simple Morning Routines That Can Change Your Life For You and Your Family!

Self Care: 5 Simple Morning Routines That Can Change Your Life For You and Your Family!

Starting your morning off right? We all know that most times it does not happen. If you are like me, many mornings you keep hitting that snooze button one too many times.  Do you wait until the last minute before getting up? Do you find yourself you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off? But has this typical behavior become so contagious it is now affecting your family?

If you said yes, then you are like many Americans who do this on a daily basis. We all know that starting the day the wrong way will have its consequences. I find it had made my days more difficult and harder to shake to get back on track.

Here are a few tips I find are the best ways you can start your mornings right with your family.

Set your Alarm. They say if you get up at the same time every day will help you and your family stay on task. When I was more on a schedule than being a stay at home mom, I found my mornings to be more structured. Invest in a good alarm clock. You will often hear experts saying to not rely on our phone alarm. If you do use your phone consider putting it in a space you have to get up rather than snooze.

Smell something good! Do you know that smelling attractive smells is know to gear up your smell receptors to get you moving! Most use to rely on smells from the coffee pot, but who sets their coffee pot in a coffee pod world? If coffee is not your thing, jump in the shower and use soaps with lemon, basil and or lavender. They are all refreshing and will snare your senses.

Start your day with Happy thoughts and laughter! Waking up in a positive mood will often set your tone for the day and decrease your stress level. Being happy will not only get your mood in the right place but will also strengthen other areas of your body, like strengthen your immune system. I am all for not getting sick. So get laughing.

Make your bed. Get into the routine of making your bed as soon as your out of it. On the days I do not make my bed, my days are less productive. Doing this small step is one simple way you won’t fall back and crawl back to bed. Teach your kids to do the same. If they don’t quite make the bed correctly have them straighten the pillows. It’s a start and it will help them get into the routine. Not the last one in the bed, well make a bet, the last one in bed makes the bed. Sometimes my hubby and I try to get out before the other it has now become the game. A secret about me I am a total loser!

Eat Breakfast Together! Don’t be the hangry one! No one likes a person when they are hungry, you will be the uncontrollable beast. Make it a routine you eat breakfast and so does your family. It will get you moving for sure! It does not have to be complicated for Full Sunday Breakfast style but this one moment of the day can be the time where all members of the family can regroup before they begin their day. A rule for thought make your kitchen a cell phone free zone for actual conversation plus your fueling your body with more energy!


One or all of these habit changes will make the difference in your life. Better habits we know can make your day better for you and your family!


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