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5 Tips To Get Your Child Better Prepared To Go Back To School!

5 Tips To Get Your Child Better Prepared To Go Back To School!


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Time is flying fast and before you know it, its back to school for many kids! Not only does that mean getting you (Mom and Dad ready), but also your kids prepared to be back on a normal routine. For many kids school is very difficult no matter what grade or age. Some kids that have been to school still have school anxiety of meeting new kids, let alone their teacher. These tips will help you to help your child better prepare for going back to school!

Tell them what their daily routines would be. Informing your child of what their schedule will be. Attend any open houses if possible so they are not surprised on the first day.

Talk to your child. Have your child speak to you about school. They can use this time to express themselves and be vocal about their feelings. Now would be a good time to ease their concerns and calming down any excited emotions.

Schedule a play date with a friend! If you have a call list from the year before or see your local PTA site for roundups. This will also ease the anxiety he or she might be feeling about making new friends. What a great way to have one before school starts!

Visit the School before it starts! You will want to bring your child to his or her school before it starts. What a way to have your child know his or her surroundings before they get there. Plus it helps you know where your child will be when they go back to school.

Make a plan for pick up and drop offs before school starts. If your child is being dropped off or taking a bus, you will want to have a plan of how they are getting to you. Make arrangements if your children or walking to school or riding with friends, you will be more at ease how they are getting to and from home.

As a parent, it is super hard for us to be away from our children but going to school is a necessary and important for their growth. Kids will have feelings and concerns about school but keeping them prepared will make the difference of how they do in school.

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