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5 Tips to Help Save While Buying Halloween Costumes!!!

5 Tips to Help Save While Buying Halloween Costumes!!!


Are your kids bothering you about getting their costumes for Halloween? Well here are some steps that will help you to save buying a Halloween costume this year.

 Save money by letting them use a costume they already have– you may save just by looking in your closet or your kids dress up box. (Note: this may only work with small children. Use it while you can.

Plan Early– don’t wait until the last minute to ask your kids what they want to be. This will leave them scrambling and you crazy trying to get what they want.

Recycle- Get old costumes from friends or a thrift shop. You will find this can be your lifesaver if you are low on funds. It is good to ask friends for this because one kid past costume are and other child’s treasure.

Save Money by adding accessories– you can enhance your dress up truck to make a new costume just by adding accessories. You can save big just by going to the dollar store.

Buy online– buying online will always save you in a few ways. Usually, the items are discounted, and they have a variety of options. (Keep in mind likes other holidays the day after Halloween, the costumes prices get slashed, plan early for next year!!!!

Use these tips they will help you to be the super parents you always wanted to be on a day you should be wearing an “S” on your chest too!!!

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1 thought on “5 Tips to Help Save While Buying Halloween Costumes!!!”

  • Good ideas! We plan on visiting a thrift and consignment store to find the best deals on costumes. For the first time, my sons don’t want to be television or movie characters, they have other plans in mind. Their cooperation makes things so much easier! 🙂

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