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8 Cleaning Skills you should teach your child today!

8 Cleaning Skills you should teach your child today!

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We all want our houses to be tidy, neat and cosy. Though it may sound to the most families with children that this may happen in a month of Sundays. And what if we ask our children for help? Many of you will probably argue that kids are not slaves and they have to live their childhood. But the idea in giving them tasks considering the household  is making them responsible. And moreover, when they grow, they will leave your “nest” and they need to be prepared to take care of themselves. It is better to start giving them this experience in portions from early age. This does not mean that they will cook for the whole family or clean the whole house at six years old, of course you need to make a balance between their age and the responsibilities which you  set them.

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First of all, when kids are too young, make the responsibilities look like a play. Moreover, you have the advantage that most of the children like the idea of helping their mothers. At an early age you can start with asking him/her to put the toys in a box. They are playing with these toys, so it may appear that they will like the idea of keeping their toys safe, avoiding the danger to be smashed on the floor by the parents’ legs.

Another essential thing which you have to teach your kid is to make the bed. Start doing this at an early age, and you will make this as a habit for him/her. It does not mean that your children will make their beds every time, but at least they will know how to do it by themselves.

Another thing which they can perform by themselves is putting the laundry in the laundry basket. In this way, you will save yourself the pleasure of picking up dirty socks and T-shirts spread all over the floor.

Now is coming the apple of discord- who will wash the dishes? If you train your children how to do it properly, it will help you a lot. Just show them that it is not a big deal to scrape and rinse the dishes.

Show them how to dust. It is not that hard and nothing bad can happen like for instance with cooking. Moreover, you can use this opportunity to show them how to declutter. Start first with small things like cupboards or shelves, then gradually you may ask them to clean their room. CleanStart Cleaners Clapham suggests teaching your children to declutter will create a habit in them, which they can use when they start to live on their own means. Then it will be not that hard for them when they start to live on their own means.

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And when your children are a bit more grown, show them how they can clean the floor- vacuum cleaning, mopping etc. They will like this idea, because usually in movies, children make fun of this. If you want start firstly with the broom, because it is not electrical and you will not take the risk to break your brand new vacuum cleaner. Be more careful with the mopping of the floor, because it is more tricky since your children may enjoy it, but the floor is slippery when is wet. Better ask them to clean the floor, while you are there.

Children who regularly help at home, develop self-responsibility. Do not hesitate to set them tasks considering the household. Moreover, these are lessons, which they cannot study at school and they will be more prepared for real life. One of the most common mistake of the parents is letting their children have their childhood, free of any responsibilities. Do not underestimate the abilities of your children and by asking them to help you with cleaning, they will start to keep the house clean. Probably at the beginning you will need to go after them to clean again, but this is normal since they are new in this activities. At last you will get more free time which you can spend on them, playing games with them, not only cleaning the house the whole day.


This article was written by Demi she recently became a contributor with The Mommy Cooler Blog. Demi is a working mom. She writes parenting articles and cleaning guides.

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post. This is all original content. All opinions are my own.

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