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Avoid your Dentist at the Holiday. 5 Tips to Avoid Dental Emergencies at the Holidays.

Avoid your Dentist at the Holiday. 5 Tips to Avoid Dental Emergencies at the Holidays.


The Holiday season is officially here! What a perfect time to keep up with your oral routines. Thanksgiving may have gone but we are still munching on those delicious leftovers for the past few days! With savory foods and sweets lingering around home imagine what is happening between your teeth and gums. Now is the time to make sure you are using the right toothpaste with that little extra protection to keep a healthy mouth. But, what of those instances of emergency situations with your teeth? During the holidays it may be difficult to find a dentist.

To help keep your teeth holiday ready during this busy season, here are 5 tips to Avoid seeing your Dentist at the holidays for an Emergency Visit.


Avoid Hard Candy!

Yes, this may be tricky for some but some of your holiday candy favorites such as Candy Canes can be a problem for you. Since you do have access to this type of candy during the holiday its no wonder why we grab it to have a nostalgic taste of our childhood. Don’t bite down hard or you can crack your teeth. If you are going to risk this, allow the candies to dissolve to prevent any chipping or additional damage to your teeth. Do not forget to brush your teeth after consuming any sweets.


Avoid Sodas and Wine!

I hate to be the Grinch that stole your drinks! With the number of sugary drinks we love around the holidays too much is never good for your teeth. We know that during the Holiday parties it can be difficult to avoid, especially the wine. Many of these drinks can cause staining of your teeth and ultimate break down from sugar and acid. One suggestion is to drink fizzy water if available or use a straw to keep soda off your teeth. For you, wine drinkers consider drinking a white wine than a ready to avoid additional stains to your teeth.


Avoid that Sugar in your Stocking!

My Elf on the Shelf in my home gets very excited around the holidays because my Elf brings candy to our Christmas Stockings. Getting your kids excited for that tradition is great but not for your teeth. Consider getting rid of those sweet treats and make your stocking more useful to everyone in the family by getting products they could use like a new toothbrush, any Crest Tooth Paste products, small cool toys, body wash and other holiday loot they will get excited about.


Avoid using your mouth to open gifts!

No Scissor, using your mouth is our go too. Well, this is a big no-no! Just do not do it as tempted as you may be to open up that package. This will cause some harm especially your teeth with a possible chip or break off your tooth. Ouch!


Avoid the Holiday over eating!

I am a glutton for punishment around holiday food. I mean who isn’t, right? With the spreads of different holiday dishes, it is no wonder we have our inner glutton coming out. I am so guilty of this. After dinner is over do not go after that 2nd or 3rd plate put that food away. Eating all day without brushing can cause you a greater risk of tooth decay for you and your family.

The holidays should be fun and not full of worry. Emergencies to the dentist can be avoidable any time of the year with these simple tips. Keeping your normal dental routines with Crest can help you and your family have better dental health. We do this with Crest Pro-Health products. Crest Pro-Health toothpaste can help you fight Plaque, Gingivitis, Cavities. It helps to avoid sensitivity, tartar buildup to whiten and freshen your breath. I would like to remind you to stock up on Crest Pro-Health Products using the $2 coupon at CVS found in this weeks Sunday’s paper.


Crest Pro-Health helps you advance to healthier dental health to help protect against problems dentist see most.


For more information about Crest Pro-Health, visit their website.

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