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Can’t travel for the holidays this year? How about Friendsmas!

Can’t travel for the holidays this year? How about Friendsmas!


The holidays are here, but you have no family around, what do you do? Friendsmas! I am all for family and the holidays but some of us can’t always make it for the holiday on the holiday. Being a transient New Yorker we have become really good friends with our neighbors who have become our family away from home. During times like the holidays or special events through the year, a Friendsmas is exactly what you need. This takes all planning you would have with your family with your friends without all the family related hoopla that comes with it Here are some five tips you can use to get your Friendsmas together!!! Make a holiday with your “Family”!!


 Don’t make your theme difficult

 If you want to make the traditional dishes served at a Christmas Dinner then do it, but I am all about bringing a different taste to the group. Make your gathering easy by doing a potluck style meal. Everyone will be happy, plus cooking does not fall on one person.


 After your theme is set the plan of who will be bringing what. There is nothing like doing this type of party, and you have three rice dishes. Plan who will bring what to help you have more of a coordinated meal. This goes for drinks as well. Don’t wait until the day before the party to get this together.

 Keep your invite list open

You want to make sure you have a good group of people that will carry your party and make good conversation with your other guest. Send e-vites or Facebook event notices to give your friends time to respond and help out with the planning.

 Let your friends help

Give your friends jobs. Let them help out as much as necessary. For example, you can do this with clean up or set up jobs. In the end, it is all about togetherness and coming together.

 Enjoy your planning

Love all you have done to put this amazing party together with your friends. You can always start by planning the next gathering!!!


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