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Change Of Season is coming soon.. And So Will The Seasonal Allergies!

Change Of Season is coming soon.. And So Will The Seasonal Allergies!

Are you ready for fall?

Many of us are not for several reasons change of season, shorter days, cooler temperatures and those dreaded allergies. In my house, we know as soon as school begins cooler weather starts so do the sniffles, stuffy and runny noses. 

During seasonal changes, it is up to me, Dr. Mom to make sure everyone is ok. Each year I come across some tips that do help every family member which will help to minimize symptoms related to seasonal allergies.  When it comes to some conditions that mom just can’t cure getting help from a Healthcare professional like Premier Allergy that will help you sleep better knowing your family is being helped.
Consider some of these tips when trying to stay healthy during all allergy seasons. Remember if something is not working you will need to seek help from a health professional as soon as possible.
Staying Inside
While this is impossible for some this one of the better ways to avoid typical conditions that bring on seasonal allergies. Check your local forecast to check the current counts of pollen, mold, and ragweed. You can also keep yourself protected by wearing a mask too! If you are outside all day, you will want to wash off any allergens. Take a shower, clean your hair and change the clothes you are in.
Keeping Hydrated!
They say if you want to feel better drink water! This is so true. We know that not drinking enough water can cause many types of problems. If you or your child has a runny nose or sneezing a lot you are going to need that water. Keep that water bottle handy.
Protect yourself during yard clean ups!

During the Spring and Fall season, you can be exposed to several allergins. If there are wet leaves or even dry leaves, do not play or allow your kids to play in them. Besides mold spores and animal droppings, this can cause allergy conditions to spark. Cleaning the yard you will also need to use gloves and a mask.

Keep a humidifier or dehumidifier on hand

During the change of seasons changes the moisture in the home. If too much moisture does exist you have to worry about the growth of indoor related allergies. So your damn if you do, damned if you don’t. Having this handy is not only for babies but for everyone!

When the seasons change all we want to look forward to is the flowers grow or leaves change but keep allergies symptoms away. Everything helps especially when Dr. Mom has our back!! When in doubt seek appropriate medical attention like with physicians like Dr. Summit Shah. But remember Moms Need Help Too to keep those little buggers away!
What are your tips to help during Seasonal Allergy Season?

Disclaimer: Premier Allergy sponsored this post. I am not a healthcare professional. Please seek all medical questions to a healthcare professional. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

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