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Different DIY Methods For Decoration With Artificial Flowers

Different DIY Methods For Decoration With Artificial Flowers

The newest trend in the market revolves around artificial flowers made from paper, tissue and fabric. The very reason that these do not need to be thrown away after they dry is why people are going crazy with this business.

We find that many people refer to such flowers even for their wedding arrangements. There are many benefits of having artificial flowers the most common ones being that they do not require heavy maintenance and are also anti-allergic, so we do not have to worry about guests catching any allergies. Therefore, this is a great benefit. We should also know that they bring out an exquisite look at the party which helps us in bringing in the attention for the people. There are many ways in which we can make artificial flowers. Let us have a look at some of the common ways of making artificial flowers.

The Process Of Making Decoration With Artificial Flowers:

Making Coffee Filter Flowers

Here is what you will require to making artificial flowers. We require coffee filters, scissors, acrylic paint, a bowl, plastic fork, masking tape, straws, and wire rack. The first step in this process is making a dye for the coffee filters if we want colorful flowers. First, we take the bowl and scoop out some acrylic paint that we have. Then we mix some water to make it a little less dense. Then we dip the coffee filters into this mixture so that they can take the color and dry them on a wire rack. Do not be afraid of experimenting with new colors as you please. After the filters have dried, we cut them in a spiral about one inch wide. Then you should cut about a 30cm long strip of masking tape and paste one end of the strip on the tape. Then you should start bunching the filter appear and create frills. Then stick a straw to one end of the strip with frills. Secure the straw and now you should start wrapping the strip in a circular motion around the straw. This will create an extremely beautiful bouquet of artificial flowers.

Making Artificial Flowers With Fabric

Make sure you have a to-do checklist for the DIY project. The things that we need are a candle, a pair of scissors, silk fabric or polyester fabric, needle and thread.  You can select the color of fabric that you would like to use for making your flower. You can choose several different hues to make a vibrant color flower. After this, you should cut out bean petals of different sizes. Roughly the sizes should be moderately different, and you should cut out a few of them so as to make fuller artificial flowers. Now that the petals have been cut you should light a candle in the side. Then taking the petals you should smear each of their sides to bring a real effect to the petals.  After the sides have been smeared taking the smaller petal you should horizontally hold it ad wrap it around and secure the bottom with a few stitches. Then you should start wrapping in order of size from smallest to biggest and secure them on the bottom with a few stitches. You will have a fuller looking bunch of artificial flowers.

These are the few methods which will help us in making artificial flowers that will bring up the party mood. There are some other methods as well which include tissue papers and other such materials. However, it is up to you what materials you would like to use to make artificial flowers as it depends upon how real you want your flowers to look.

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