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Don’t Let Back To School Shopping Put A Hole in Your Pocket. 5 Easy Way to Save Money Shopping for Your Kids!

Don’t Let Back To School Shopping Put A Hole in Your Pocket. 5 Easy Way to Save Money Shopping for Your Kids!

It’s an exciting time for many kids looking to go back to school. They will be excited to see what teacher they got or see their friends after a long summer. But like most parents, we are excited also but not excited to spend lots of money on unnecessary extras like 20 glue sticks and a 6 month supply of hand sanitizer. Like many parents on a budget, adding the additional cost on what the kids need won’t break the bank if you adhere to these tips.

5 Ways You Can Save Money Without Breaking The Bank.

Go through your children’s wardrobe- There are some instances that kids can remain the same size from school year to school year. Check items they require yearly, like uniforms. My daughter requires a gym uniform. Because of her small frame, she is able to get another year and it saves us $20 to buy a new one. Shopping second hand is a fun way to get expensive used clothing. Check your local consignment store for some cool items. Are you handy with sewing? Check to see if you can bring down hems for pants or skirts if you are handy like that. If not you can always put them away for the next child that would be able to wear them.

Check There Shoes- Checking to see if they still fit their current shoes. Sneakers are a hard sell getting away with the year before’s sneakers. But dress shoes, boots, etc you might still be able to get another year if you have an older child like a teenager. My daughter is close to reaching her adult shoe size, she is currently wearing my size of 8 to 8 1/2, so we both have benefited by wearing each other’s shoes. I am hoping she will remain this size so we can save money on shoes overall.

Do you keep a School Box? I keep a school box of necessary supplies throughout the year. More so when the teacher sends that mid-year note still asking for supplies of pencils, markers and glue sticks. Check your inventory before you buy of the massive school list for the new school year. Chances are you may have some supplies there it will help you save money too! Put that money to good use and buy an extra box of tissues.

Shopping Sales is Key! Saving money is not easy, but a plan. Shop around for the best deals. You can make out best when sales include,”buy one get one for ½ off”, like a recent sale from Shoe Carnival. One key factor was my mother never shopped for everything before we went to school. She would wait two weeks after school begins to shop for the “real back” to school savings. Those time are crucial because many places are already marking down item just to make room for the holiday items.

Be Firm, Buy what is only needed! I am lucky I live in an area where my kids can still benefit from wearing their summer clothes a bit longer. This, of course, saves on the wardrobe, especially if it fit the school dress code. Kids and parents alike fall in the back to school hype of ‘got to have it’. Just be diligent while keeping yourself and them on task, so we can stay sane and save money!

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