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Don’t Let Your Busy Schedule Keep You From Maintaining Your Health! 5 Easy Tips To Maintain Your Health & Wellness!

Don’t Let Your Busy Schedule Keep You From Maintaining Your Health! 5 Easy Tips To Maintain Your Health & Wellness!


Life gets crazy, right? Day in and day out we are more worried about what’s going on in our personal life, work, and our kids or just trying to make it day by day.  As a Stay at home mom that works from home, it is so easy to remember everyone but yourself. But let’s get real here, how can we expect to keep this way of doing for everyone else and not ourselves? At some point it will come at a screeching halt, but when? I wouldn’t wait for when.  I am the rock of my family and I micromanage everything. So If I stop literally my family stops too!

So what can we do? Well, the answer is simple to make time to take better care of yourself.  I know what you are thinking, “ I have no time.” Well girlfriend, make time! Here are some easy tips you can do to make better care of yourself and maintain your health and wellness.

Drink More Water!

Have you ever woken up and felt like ugh? Well, this can happen if you don’t drink enough water. Your skin looks horrible, your eyes and other things start happening. Staying hydrated can help you have more energy and help with hunger cravings.

Keep up with a normal routine daily.

Make a daily schedule and stick to a routine.  Becoming overwhelmed can bring on stress that is unnecessary. Can’t change the amount of work you have to get through the day create a schedule you are able to stick too. Start small and create a Small Goals list or put reminders in your phone that will keep you on track to achieve your goals to reduce additional stress.

Make Time To Get Out and Move!

Sit at a desk all day? You need to move. Going outside will make you happy even if it is for a few minutes. Take a quick walk around the block a few times and enjoy the scenery. Moving around will help you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Start Your Day with Breakfast!

One way you can change one part of your lifestyle is by making sure you eat breakfast every day! Making time will help give you what you need to make it through your day.  You will eat more balanced diets if you keep track of what you eat daily. Next time see what happens when you plan for breakfast in your day.

Keep Up With Doctors Appointments.

Maintaining a proactive attitude when keeping up with one’s health is very important. Schedule years physicals with your primary care doctor, GYN. Keeping up with your Oral Health is especially important, especially with your twice a year dental cleanings and evaluations. The last visit I learned more about my health just from my dentist appointment. Keeping up with your dental visit can help prevent certain types of condition. All this benefit just from brushing and taking care of my teeth?  Yes, according to my dentist.  He recommends Crest Pro-health Toothpaste. What I love is that it uses groundbreaking technology to provide a cool, refreshing mouth. My breath feels fresh! While the ingredients within the toothpaste protect my teeth from decay from tartar build up.  Plus it’s the best option not just for me but also for my whole family!

Adding some simple changes to your day-to-day can make the overall difference in your health and wellness. Want to start making the difference right now? Take advantage of this deal from Crest when you shop at CVS. If you spend $20 on Crest products you will get $5 Extra Care Bucks!  Even more, savings if you look in February 24th Sunday Paper you will find a $2 off coupon to give you more savings!

Don’t take my word for it, do it for you and your families health!

So tell me?

What additional tips can you add that can help your Health and Wellness?


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