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Don’t Wait Until January To Make Your Resolution And Take Charge Of Your Health And Go To The Gym!

Don’t Wait Until January To Make Your Resolution And Take Charge Of Your Health And Go To The Gym!
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Life always has a funny way of working things out, but when it comes to your health, you have to be pro-active about what you do for yourself. Most times you hear people talking about the gym when they have to lose weight or it’s resolution time. But why to wait to get started today. I recently made that change when I decided to go to Zumba class with my lovely friend. Now by no means do I love to exercise, but who does. But I proceeded with the class knowing full well I was going to be hurting the next day. But, no pain no gain, right? Here are five reasons why going to the gym is the new “club” version to meet people and look good!



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For your health it reduces Stress- It’s a known fact that exercise is a stress reliever. Your body produces hormones that make you feel good and reduce your stress level. If you suffer from anxiety, exercise works to help those who experience it, shows them better ways to calm down. Plus it is one way to release stress in a positive way than going off the wall.

If you look good and feel good, your friends will want to also! That’s how I got to go, going with my girlfriend, who used the gym as her positive outlet to relieve stress and do something positive for her health. If you partner up with a buddy, you can be a part of a team to push each other in a positive way. You can inspire each other to work harder and keep your motivation together.

Hard time sleeping? Sleep better if you exercise! Well skip the sleeping pills and go the gym instead. If you try movement several hours before bedtime, it will be a natural way for your body to get it together to say hey go to bed. Difficult to believe, you will need to try it. Worked for me, of course, remember to take a shower to release any sore muscles or tension before bed.

Changing one aspect can change a bad habit! Going to the gym has made me accountable. Now that I have taken control of my health so to speak, you will want to feel or do better for yourself. This means trying to eat better, drink more water or even trying to do more exercise more per week. If you become more accountable, you will be able to keep with your goals for a new and healthier you.

You do not have to wait until New Years to finally make the resolution to be a healthier person. Most individuals who frequent the gym all the time cringe when it comes to that time of year, because they know have to share with more individuals who are only there for a temporary fix. Don’t be that person change it and you will see the rewards from it!

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