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Easy Tips To Keep Your Halloween Family Traditions Alive Each Year!

Easy Tips To Keep Your Halloween Family Traditions Alive Each Year!



With Halloween, right at our door my family and I are taking advantage of all the time we have left to get ready. Each year children big and small will be going to fun Halloween Parties and Trick or Treating. But like many of us parents of little ones we are looking to keep traditions alive for making memories. These tips will help you keep and plan for future holidays to come!


Have a Fall Festival At Home!


Get the excitement going with your family to a plan a fall Festival at home. Come up with some fun activities like Pin the bandage on the Mummy, Make toilet paper pumpkins for decorations activity. Cook and make Halloween themed treats like Mummy dogs and play games for candy. Don’t forget to Dress up!


Go, Pumpkin Picking!

From the end of September through October 31 are times where you and your family can pick your Family Pumpkin. Many of your local farms have fall-themed activities. Take advantage of them early because many of them could be free, except for the cost of your pumpkin. My family and I take advantage of this moment to get our Fall Family Pictures and a fun day out.


Have Fun Carving or painting Pumpkins!

It’s the season to have fun with your pumpkin. Each year we decided what we want to do with our pumpkin. We usually attempt to carve it. But this year I was trying not to make a mess! Painting pumpkins can be fun especially if you want to show you support causes like the Blue Pumpkin!


Make Halloween Safe and Fun with Friends!


Halloween is one of our favorite holidays to spend with friends. Trick or treating should be fun and safe. As a group, we travel in large packs. There are usually enough kids to adult ratio. Did you know about 72.7% of mothers limit their children to a maximum of 10 pieces of candy on Halloween? Whereas fathers tend to give more candy. This is one of the many reasons we do the yearly Candy check. As a group, all the parents make sure the candy is good and limit the amounts of candy the kids eat! We also get our share too! Many of us are like the average parent who gets to eat one-fourth of their children’s Halloween candy. This, my friend, is the Parent Candy Tax!


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