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Feeling Good in Your Own Skin: 3 Ways to Love Your Body From the Inside Out

Feeling Good in Your Own Skin: 3 Ways to Love Your Body From the Inside Out

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As women, it seems we are constantly focusing on the negatives, especially when it comes to our bodies. Society tends to place an enormous amount of pressure on females to be the perfect mothers, wives, friends and career people. Not to mention, we’re expected to look like supermodels while doing it. Our bodies go through so much during a lifetime and no one person’s scars tell the same story. Of all the relationships you’ll have while you’re here on earth, the one between you and yourself will be the most important. Rather than tearing ourselves down over the way we look, we need to celebrate our bodies, flaws and all. Keep reading for some ways in which you can learn or re-learn to love your body from the inside, out.

Listen to Your Body

It’s impossible to love and accept our body if we’ve never given ourselves the opportunity to be fully acquainted with it. Being in tune with your body and what it’s telling you can not only further assist in self-acceptance, but may also lead you to discover other things that are going on internally as well as externally. Self-exploration should be devoted to all parts of the body as each area is different.

From a sexual-health standpoint, it’s necessary to be mindful of things like your menstrual cycle. If you’re experiencing irregularities or just plain non-existence, this could be a sign of a medical issue such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS. If this is something you’re experiencing, listen to your body and seek advice from your healthcare provider. Often times, with the proper diet and a prescription birth control, the symptoms of PCOS can be kept under control. While each person’s body is trying to tell them something different, the importance of listening to that message is the same across the board.

Speak Kindly to Yourself

The expression, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” applies not only to others but to yourself as well! Each day, make an effort to look in the mirror and point out one positive attribute. Maybe this is something external such as a great hair day, or maybe it’s something internal like you got a great night’s sleep after taking vitamins like these. Either way, beginning your day on a positive note will only increase your confidence levels and encourage you to go about your day finding the good in situations rather than seeking out the bad.

Positive affirmations can also help to encourage change. If you are currently unhappy with a part of your body or how you’re feeling, reminding yourself of this, in a positive manner, can be your key to success. For example, maybe you’ve been struggling with your weight and would like to become more active. Once you begin an exercise routine, reciting affirmations like those found here can help to keep you on track and achieve the results you’re aiming for. 

Let Go of Comparisons

This may be the toughest, yet most important, step on your journey to loving your body and yourself. It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others. Whether it’s on the basis of looks or status, at times it can feel impossible to avoid comparison. However, these acts are only hurting our confidence and prohibiting us from embracing our inner strengths. As females, our bodies endure and are capable of some amazing things.

For example, carrying and giving birth to a child is something we have been given the ability to do. Our bodies were designed to handle this and therefore it should not matter whether your baby is delivered by c-section or naturally the point is, you experienced your own unique moment and your body is what helped you get there. As a new mom, it’s likely you’ll want to feel beautiful and confident postpartum but it may not always be easy to get to that point.  It is unnecessary to compare your journey to another woman’s, yet we do it all the time. We must stop focusing on the negative and learn to celebrate our bodies for their individuality and all the amazing things they’re capable of.

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