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Parents: Spring Forward in Getting You and Your Kids Ready for Daylight Savings Time!

Parents: Spring Forward in Getting You and Your Kids Ready for Daylight Savings Time!


Spring is coming and so is daylight saving time, yay!!! I am so ready for the much needed extra daylight hours, but I do not like the havoc it does to my children’s sleep schedule. So how can you help your kids get ready to adjust without the shock to their sleep schedules? Try these easy 5 Tips to get them ready before daylight savings hits.


Bring them to bed earlier the week before the daylight savings begins

 You will need to push them gradually with the changing of the times. Each day you would need to bring them to bed a ½ earlier than they are used to. This will be a fight with your older children but if children are well rested they will adjust accordingly.

Understand how much sleep is needed for the child

Let’s face it kids need sleep to get thru the many aspects of their day. But sleep is important for children at any stage even the older ones. You should look into your kid’s sleep habits by marking how they wake, or when it is not necessary to get up( like on the weekends or vacation. You will want to note this information to have a better understanding of how they wake naturally. This will make for a happy child and happy parent.


Have children avoid overstimulation

You must control the amounts of sugary drinks, caffeinated drinks (sodas, hot chocolate) TV and computerized equipment(tables, handheld games) All of these items can and will interfere will sleep. When kids lay down, make their surroundings as peaceful as possible.


Keep Kids on the Same Schedule

 Just because the times change does not mean you change their sleep schedule times. Keep them at the same time to wake and bed this will help to regulate their schedule.

Do not try and wear your child out

 Trying hard to force them to sleep will have horrible consequences. When a child is overtired, they will take longer to fall asleep and stay asleep. This will cause you exhaustion in the end.


Ultimately time is of the essence when and how we perfect our child’s sleep schedule. Not every child is the same, so this will vary from child to child. Keeping them on a schedule will help them not only with their day to day but for happy parents in the end!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. I am not the medical doctor or practitioner of any kind. I relate my information being a Mom. See my disclosure/ privacy policy. Image Credits: RF123


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