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Having Company For the Holidays? Easy Helpful Tips to get your Home Clean before Company arrives!!!

Having Company For the Holidays? Easy Helpful Tips to get your Home Clean before Company arrives!!!


So you’re getting ready to cook a big dinner for the holiday. So  what is the worse thing you need do ? You guessed it….. Clean. Nobody likes cleaning, and I mean nobody. We do it because it is necessary. Like you mother use to say, “You don’t want to live in a pig pen, do you?” Here are few easy steps to help you stress less about the cleaning process just a week before your holiday company comes.


One week before company: Get rid of your clutter. If you don’t need it, just throw it away. If it does not bring you any purpose, it will bring you down. If you cannot simply get rid of the clutter, organize it better. Get storage bins you can get to store your clutter in a closet neatly. Do your deeper cleaning during this time because you have the time.

Four days before company: Dust, vacuum and wipe down walls (Bedroom, living room areas). Change bedroom décor and wash laundry to give a clean look for houseguests.  This is one of my most hated jobs to do ,but if this gets done early enough, you will have time before company arrives to do maintenance cleaning. (Less stress for you if this is maintained, always!)

Three days before company: Bathrooms!!! Need I say more?  This needs its very own day? Bathrooms you want to clean everything. This will include removing clutter from bathrooms (toys, empty shampoo bottle, etc.) Change your shower curtains and fresh the décor with clean towels. Also, this will give you the day to scrub and bleach your bathroom. The most hated job by many but when it’s done it will have to scream Ahh looking at what a good job you’ve done !!!!

One quick tip: Make a disinfect bottle filled with bleach, water, and my favorite Fabuloso, for those quick maintenance cleanups.

Two days before company: Concentrate on your Living areas such as your family rooms, living room or den. This is where your company will be spending most of the time besides the kitchen. Continue to maintenance dust TVs, furniture; get your remote controls together so you’re not looking hard during that movie or game you were looking to watch.

One day before company: The Kitchen. Personally you should have cleaned hard in days 5-7 with cleaning your refrigerator before your stocked it well with the goodies you will be serving. This goes for your pantry. To maintain this, you need to continue to clean clutter and throw away unnecessary items. Clean as you go, otherwise it will overwhelm you when it is time to clean when the company leaves.

If you’re like me, I usually will do these steps a week before company comes. But it is my cleaning after they leave where these steps will continue to come in handy for the next gathering or holiday event.


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