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Holiday Weekend Coming Up? Plan for an Easy Impromptu BBQ for Summer Fun!

Holiday Weekend Coming Up? Plan for an Easy Impromptu BBQ  for Summer Fun!


With summer right around the corner, there is nothing like the warmer weather and the days getting longer to make you feel great. BBQ’s get the summer mood going for the entire season. Planning parties, in general, are not that easy especially if you are on a budget. But you can pull off an easy impromptu BBQ without out a whole lot of fuss and limited funds!

All you need is a week to get your menus set, the place where you will plan your party and get all your friends together! Each person is a planner in their right when it comes to any party. Like many individuals with no time to plan and are like me, you can move at the spur of the moment to get your tribe ready to make the plans. Well, these tips are just for you.

Plan the menu! I say keep it simple! Sometimes even the simplest things can make the party great. You could be making hamburgers and hot dogs, a BBQ favorite. But if you have ample time to plan then you can change it up to make steaks, a chicken dish or even seafood!


No time to plan? Ask help from Friends or Family! I found that most of my last minute and best BBQs were the one’s plans last minute and often asked friends or family to help always seem like a crazy idea, but it always appears to work out!!! Potluck always makes a good memorable happen!


Keep stock on paper products! Planning a party is fun but in reality, the clean up sucks! When your party ends, you do not want to be the one stuck doing the dishes. Invest in getting paper goods! If you do not have a whole lot of money, going to stores like Dollar General or Dollar Tree are my favorites to save on these products. They make party planning on a budget easy!


Kids at your party? Get them involved too? Plan a theme night. Many of my gatherings are geared towards our children, so we have to make it fun. You can design your theme to fit the foods you might also be serving!

Got wallflowers? Play games! I say summer brings out the kid in you. Go back and bring games you used to play as a kid. Get some water balloons on a hot day a great way to get everyone involved and a fun way to cool off. Love music? Bring out the chairs and get to play musical chairs or a dance contest.


See planning with planning a quick and easy BBQ you do not need to spend a whole lot of money or make it super complicated. Just following these steps will get you ready to have fun and enjoy the summer!

Excited for summer? Tell me your favorite summer recipe or BBQ memory!

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