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Home Remodel : 4 Top Countertop Trends in 2018

Home Remodel : 4 Top Countertop Trends in 2018
Image: Premier Surfaces

When it comes to designing your kitchen, in my opinion, the countertop is an essential component. It’s where all the action takes place but more than that, the countertop is the foundation of decor when you’re looking at working on redoing your kitchen. It’ sets a tone and feel of the space. The importance of kitchen decor is what you see and it matters what material, design and finish you choose for your countertop.


There are some great ideas to help give your space an extra lift this year. These trends focus heavily on color and material choices so be ready for it!


  1. Quartz – Granite is a natural rock and for years has dominated the countertop scene especially for homeowners who are looking for something durable, strong and easy to fit within their kitchen. The downside to it however is it is porous. That means that liquid like wine or oils can seep through the surface and can stain it. Even worse, it encourages bacteria that can leave your countertop unsanitary for you, your food and your kids. What can you do to stop it? You have to seal your granite surface with a nonporous sealant but it wears off with time and wear so it needs to be resealed throughout its lifetime within your home. Quarts, as I stated before, is extremely strong, making it extremely durable and pretty low maintenance for many homeowners. It comes in a variety of colors, finishing techniques and patterns to look like natural stone.

Image Premier Surface
  • Countertops With Character – Nowadays, homeowners are looking for a bit more character on their countertops. Technology is finally here to offer some creative solution. Unlike a few years ago, countertops have a wide variety of patterns, unlike the plain styles we were used to seeing. Say goodbye to round and more hello to realistic veining. Quarts is even designed to resemble slabs of natural stone to look like marble or granite. It involves creating veins in an interesting pattern swirled into the countertop slab. This adds a boost to your creative personality in your kitchen. You can even think of flooring, walls, and cabinets in these finishes as well. It’s a great visual background to wow all your guests who come into your kitchen.


  • Adding Sinks Into Countertops – Even though countertops are getting more of the modern treatment, we can’t leave out the sinks! The favorite look for many now is a sleek continuous style from the countertop and down into the sink. It’s been a huge trend this year. The integrated sinks are made from the same material as the countertops so it looks as if they blend seamlessly together. When you have a smooth flow from your working surface to your sink
  • Backsplash Tiles – When you install a backsplash in your kitchen, you typically use about 4” high slab of countertop material on the wall with paint or tiles. Now there is a demand to actually have that disappearance of that 4” to make way for decorative tiles. It seems as the year continues, the most popular choices have become a style that sounds out more. Countertops tend to get maybe a more neutral tone and thin slab while the backsplash has suddenly become the canvas to try and use bold and captivating styles. The backsplash is something of an accent or a visual focal point in your kitchen. There are many varieties but traditional subway tile is extremely popular. Some can use basic grey and white while others love multi-colored tiles or large subway tiles. Some even use brick, natural stone or tiles resembling wood to give it a little different look to the visitors that come over.



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