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Hurricane Season is Here.. Be Ready and Prepared For You and Your Family!

Hurricane Season is Here.. Be Ready and Prepared For You and Your Family!


September 1st marks the first day of the Hurricane Storm season for the East Coast.  Living off the east coast all my life my family and I always faced the next major threat of the next “storm of the century”. We have already seen this in past storms like Katrina (2005) and Sandy (2012) which have left their marks in the devastated areas of New Orleans and New York. Both of these storms had the citizens of these areas faced with many different possibilities such as “where can we go during the storm?” emergency contact information and so on. We are only as prepared as soon as the news media outlets alert us. But don’t wait, get ready now! For more information on where you can find additional resources check out Ready.

Gather Information- This is your first source to see where the possible disaster might strike your area. Check your local news stations, online resources like and the radio for information. Understand the area where you live which will make the difference in if you need to evacuate or you can ride out the storm. Keep in mind it is never recommended you stay in your home if you can help it, you should try and evacuate if you can.

Plan ahead for all types of emergencies- No matter the force of nature you must always be ready. You will need to set up an emergency plan with your family. Designate the areas where you might evacuate to and set a route away from disaster.


Make a to go bag for emergency supplies for each member of your family! You will need to have supplies on hand like water, can goods, first aid kits, extra clothes, candles, flashlights, etc…. in order to get through the storm at home or for your evacuation.

Prepare your home or apartment- You will need to secure your home with the necessary items to protect it while you’re in it or if you need to evacuate. You might need to board up windows, bring in lawn furniture and secure other outdoor items so they won’t become a flying weapon to another person’s home.

Take this time to plan ahead and keep your family safe in any disaster!

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