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Life got you down? 5 Ways Parents Can Keep The Stress at Bay!

Life got you down? 5 Ways Parents Can Keep The Stress at Bay!

2018 already is in full swing. Whether you were ready for the New Year to come, it’s here. Stress is just one thing as parents we can’t seem to get away from. Either from work, family-related stressors or life, in general, we have to find ways to keep life from getting to you.

Stress builds over time to before you know it you find it has consumed your life and taken over your happiness. Thank God for a new year to come and make you feel your old problems could just disappear but we all know what you have had the year before will eventually come back. So we have to find ways to manage our issues and stressors to find a balance in work and life. These tips will help you keep the stress at bay.

Learn to say no! Most people have a hard time with this either with our families, PTA, work, etc. Sometimes saying no will just reduce your stress ten-fold. But continue your doing your putting yourself at risk. Choose your battles and what you want to do. Pick and choose what you are saying yes to so you don’t run yourself into the ground.

Get More Sleep! Sleep, when you’re a parent well depending on where you are on the age of your children at times, can be none- existent. Let’s face it there are so many reasons, right? But we need sleep, just like your little’s do. Without enough sleep can affect more than just stress but your health. If your running like a chicken with your head cut off you are no good to no one sick. Get more sleep!

Get more active! I love just to be lazy but who doesn’t right? But adding a bit of activity to an already busy life just gives you a bit of “me” time. Plus you are doing a good thing for your body by getting exercise and overall looking out for you. You can start off slow just by taking a walk outside for 20 minutes. You can use this time to take a breath and think of the next step you need to do.

Get rid of clutter! I have found that my life is more of a mess and stressful when things are not clean. Take for example my closets; I have tried different ways to make things clean and declutter.

Unplug yourself after 9 pm! Let’s face it we live in a digital world everything regarding our lives is on our phone and I have become a slave to it. But I found that it keeps me up and more worrisome. If you use your phone as your home line, you can put your alerts to do not disturb mode if you have an Apple phone. This will help you to relax and de-stress from your day.

Keep in mind something’s are beyond your control, but a small change can make the difference.

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