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A Mother’s Weapon: The Kooty Key-The Germ-Free Tool!

A Mother’s Weapon: The Kooty Key-The Germ-Free Tool!

When it comes to kids, mother’s know that some things can spread so easily you’re right at the doctor’s office. When it is time to go back to school many mothers like myself are always concerned because we just do not want our children to be sick. But, can it be prevented? Well the best way always is the wash your hands, right? While that is true in very many cases, I have found a new way all moms can help to keep themselves and families safe by having a new gadget called the Kooty Key.


You are able to use the Kooty Key virtually anywhere, but it’s there to help you avoid touching dirty and infested areas on Gas Pumps, ATM’s, elevators, retail checkout payments pads, etc. This tool is very compact and lightweight and just easy enough to place or your keys, pocketbook or kid’s book bag.


Worried about germs staying on your Kooty Key, well the developer thought of it all and made the Kooty Key, anti-microbial. The price point is a good one, and they come in a great choice of color selections such as original green, black, and my favorite pink.  We love to support this product because it is there to keep you safe from germs and its made in the USA.  Everyone can use it for just about everything they don’t want to touch.  

Ken Kolb invented Kooty Key. He developed this innovative tool to help people avoid touching germ- infested objects.  He came up with this idea after using a public restroom himself and thought about ways he was recontamination himself and those he came in contact with. Think about it? You come in contact with so many germs per day having this tool in your Mom arsenal will help you combat any germ you might come in contact with. What’s even better this handy tool was made for everyone in mind can be used to assist those with disabilities by allowing them to open doors, press buttons and carry shopping bags. Thus providing mobility in the instances they can’t perform these things today.


It is very hard to protect my children from things, but one thing I know is protecting them from germs as much as I can.  But when I was approached to do this review, I was intrigued to see what it was all about. I never really thought about not touching these areas until I learned more about this product online. Now I will be honest I don’t even touch any of the germ-infested areas without my Kooty Key. Even my children found it easy to use, especially my daughter. She has become more aware of the areas she is touching while she is out of our home. With school starting my kids are very excited because this trend has not hit the schools yet, but they do hope they will be influencers with their peers!


Get your very own Kooty Key today from Binsons Medical Supplies in Michigan and Florida, But If you love online shopping like I do why not head over to Amazon, eBay, Shopify or Etsy for some great online deals. Learn more details and visit them online to learn more information about the Kooty Key.

So leave a comment below and tell me, where is the grossest place you didn’t want to touch? You can enter my giveaway to be entered in winning your very own Kooty Key for your pocket book or kids book bag! Enter the Giveaway today!!!


Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored post for Kooty Key ®.  I received product to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own. See my disclosure/ privacy policy.

3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Weapon: The Kooty Key-The Germ-Free Tool!”

  • Keypads (gas stations, registers, etc). I’ve witnessed people playing with their noses, sneezing and coughing then touching the keypads. Yuck. I try to keep a stylus on me so I can use that but sometimes I forget or I don’t have my purse, just my wallet with me.

  • Honestly door handles are full of germs. I do my best to not turn doorknobs if I can avoid it. People’s hands are full of germs and they open doors often. Just something to think about.

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