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Movies This Year will have you watching: My Top 5 Highly Anticipated Movies for Spring and Summer 2016!

Movies This Year will have you watching: My Top 5 Highly Anticipated Movies for Spring and Summer 2016!


2016 is going to bring out the bang out of movies! With only two months into this year, we have seen a few movies that have taken center stage in anticipation! But the year is finally getting started and the best time for movies is the late spring and summer. Going to the movies is something everyone loves to do especially since it gives you an excellent opportunity to keep cool, spend time with your kids or significant other. This time, of year, is an exceptional time with so many different choices for the avid moviegoer to the child at heart!!! These are my top five I will surely check out with my kids and hubby!!!

Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice- For you big Marvel fans out there look out it is the dramatic showdown between the two heroes. What I like is you will also be introduced to other characters that will have movies the following year like Wonder Woman!!! (In theaters March 25, 2016)


Captain America: Civil War- They might as well call this Avengers 4. But they all have intertwined somehow. But another Superhero movie why not!!! (In theaters May 6, 2016)


Independence Day: Resurgence- At the end of the Independence Day Movie 20 years ago we had thought that the aliens would come back for revenge. I just want to see how they do this one without Will Smith! (In Theaters June 24, 2016)



Finding Dory– I am a big kid at heart and why not see a Disney movie that is a great family favorite!!! I loved the character of Dory and Nemo. I know we will keep swimming all the way to the theater on June 17!



Ghostbusters– Reboot and Girl power! As a kid who grew up on the original movies back in the 80’s, I can’t wait to see this. I do hope they bring back Slimier and the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man!!




There are so many movies I can list that you will want to see either with your spouse, children or friends. But I think you will not be disappointed for what is going to be showing in the previews for Fall 2016!

Did any of yours make my list? Let me know which movies you want to see in the comments below!!!!

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