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Music Is A Ladder To The Soul – 4 Ways We Can All Benefit!

Music Is A Ladder To The Soul – 4 Ways We Can All Benefit!
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We cannot deny the power of music, today and down through the ages. This was recognized by Shakespeare in the opening line to his play The Twelfth Night, ‘If music is the food of love, play on’ and we can all think of at least one tune or song that elicits poignant memories, good and bad, from our past.  





A Way to Relax 


Music helps us to relax, thus improving our mood and gives a sense of wellbeing that allows us, at least temporarily, to set our worries aside. Many students nowadays listen to soothing or relaxing music while studying because it was found that it heightened their senses and increased their level of concentration as well as buffering out unwanted distractions.  


Keeping physically fit can be a strenuous activity that not everyone enjoys. Running, gym work, etc. can be emotionally as well as physically draining, tedious and boring.  With a good set of headphones this all changes in a way that seems compartmentalize the body from the brain to remove or at least limit the stress and boredom of physical exertion from the mind.  


And what do we do when stuck in traffic, for example?  Turn on the radio (if it’s not already on) to make life more bearable and easier to handle in such situations. 



Pain Relief 


Research on music therapy was published in the journal Music and Medicine and the results were astounding. They applied music therapy to dozens of patients for a period of around 15 to 60 minutes and found out that it could relieve pain and, of course, with no side effects. Music had made these patients stronger in the face of adversity. 


Studies have shown that music can improve mental health, in this case, depression, by increasing dopamine levels, a mood improving chemical produced by the brain making it a good alternative treatment and with no side effects.  



Music for People from all Walks of Life 


Interestingly, children trained to use a musical instrument were more likely to excel academically in other subjects. Compliance with instruction, concentration, and practice is mandatory in this field and instills dedication and discipline into the mind, some of the main pre-requisites to a successful career.  



Family bonding can also be strengthened through music. Families with a piano or any instrument which they play for family gatherings or occasions are usually more affectionate and expressive. Music becomes an outlet for them to re-enforce the family bond. 


Another way music is expressed is when used in religious gatherings. Religions have different ways of worship, yet they all use music as a medium to help manifest their devotion to the higher power. 


Other Benefits of Music 


Music really has been known to have benefits for our well-being. According to a study posted by the Sage journals, music has helped promote the self-esteem and social function of people who were incarcerated. Aside from this, all the inmates who had undergone music therapy had steadily improved their levels of depression and anxiety. 


With substantial clinical evidence that music offers many health care benefits the call is now for greater use of music as therapy in the healthcare environment. Professionally recognized music therapists working alongside physicians could provide bespoke care for the patient to help further expedite the recovery process. 


A study by the Science Daily has said that music can alleviate depression in older adults. The patients in this study showed greater improvement than those who have not been exposed to this kind of therapy. from dementia. It was able to reduce stress and helped to enhance cognitive function as well as enhancing memory recall. 


We cannot deny the power of music and as can be seen, modern research and studies are further enhancing its benefits and use as an emotional ‘tool ‘ to the betterment of so many new areas in society and are definitely worth listening to. 



More about our contributor: Matt Morrisey is a former teacher who has traveled all over the world teaching children English, from China to the UK Matt is well known. Matt’s parents are teachers and his only brother works for a children’s charity in the UK.
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