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It’s never too early to start thinking about Pool Safety! Check out these 5 Tips to keep your kids safe in the water!!!

It’s never too early to start thinking about Pool Safety! Check out these 5 Tips to keep your kids safe in the water!!!


Spring is well on the way, and it is not too early to start thinking about the summer. The summer in my area brings pools, water parks and the beach! For many children, this is a fun time but for parents, but a scary time where we cannot afford not to keep an eye out on the children. Water can be very dangerous and curious for those who don’t know how to swim. With any age, a parent still has their very own list of worries when it comes to pool safety. Here is how you can help keep your kids safe!!!


Teach them how to swim! Kids need to know the basics how to swim. Teaching them as young as possible will benefit them to learn how not be afraid of the water. Most drowning’s occurring because the child did not know how to swim. Have your child sign up for swim classes to teach these basics or if you have access to a pool teach them yourself. Don’t just have your kids rely on flotation devices; they need to learn to swim!


Learn CPR! Today more and more parents are learning basic CPR this helps to save lives, especially if they have pools. Local libraries, hospitals and online classes offer to train for basic CPR.

When water around keeps a watchful eye out! I mean let’s face it today with so many distractions (other kids, cell phones, etc.) a few minutes can be a lifetime to a child to get into trouble. Most stories you hear are children who got hurt with a parent, or other adults reach. As disturbing as this is, this is the scary truth. If you are with other parents, you may want to schedule a watch schedule of every 10-15 minutes of keeping an eye out on the kids while in the water.


Remind children not to horse around the water! A great tip for those with older children who think they know how to swim. Even the strongest swimmer can have a problem. Remind them they must always have a buddy and to make sure to have an adult present. Pool Safety is imperative for everyone.

If you have a pool at home, consider installing a pool alarm! My in-laws have a pool right on their porch. With the concern for the little ones, they put in a alarm to be aware if the kids were outside. This simple installation gives them the added comfort they could be alerted right away!

The most important point to this is keeping your kids safe!!! Making them comfortable with the water. It is all about having fun but knowing they are safe will give you that added peace of mind during the warmer months ahead!


Take the Pool Safety Pledge here!

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  • These are all great tips! As a former lifeguard, I can definitely say that you can’t go wrong with taking action with these tips. Floaties all the way until they are swimming comfortably! 🙂

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