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Out with Old (Resolutions) and In with the New (Goals):5 Ways To Help you Keep Your 2016 Goals!!


We have all made a New Years Resolution or two just to break them in a few weeks of the new year. If you are looking to be more healthy set realistic goals, If you are looking to be better than the prior-year do it. Make 2016 your year to stop these bad habits and change the ways to why you can’t attain your goals. These simple five steps will help you on your path to success.


Be Real with yourself: You want to be a “real” goal setter. This will be making a list of your short and long term goals. If you set yourself too high, you are bound by disaster and resolutions broken.

Make a plan: Let’s face it life is about plans. Without a basic plan, you might as well put your life in chaos. So don’t let it. The plan right now doesn’t wait until January 1 to make your goals for the new year. Now is time to consider a plan.

Don’t keep your Goals a secret: Tell a friend and or a family member. Those who care for you will be there to help you succeed in your goals. If they impede you, they are not for you or wish you to fail. At that point keep those around who have the similar interest in what you are doing.

Make List to Keep Track: Make a list of what goals you are looking to accomplish. Setting yourself with short term goals will help you over all achieve something you were looking to do. Think of this you are one step in a better direction than the year before.


So you made your goal…. Give yourself a reward: Whatever your goals reward you. This will help to stay motivated. It like a child learning to do something. They will most likely keep doing well if they know they are getting something from it. As an adult, we can do the same thing. For example, if you are more healthy in the new year buy new clothes as a way to reward yourself.

Keeping a resolution is so much harder than keeping a goal! Don’t be your worse enemy and beat yourself up. Life is about making mistakes and learning from them. But make it better knowing you want to make your life better!!!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. See my disclosure/privacy policy.

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