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Planning a Family Trip Soon? Money Saving Tips That Will Help You Keep Making Memories!

Planning a Family Trip Soon? Money Saving Tips That Will Help You Keep Making Memories!

Summer is in full swing, and by now many of you might be looking forward to your summer vacation. Maybe you haven’t even planned it yet, well it is not too late! The best part is you do not even have to spend a lot to have a quality vacation with your family.

Here are a few tips that will help you keep your expenses reasonable when you are planning your  next vacation:

Stay Close to home. We love Staycations, there is so much to explore in the area where you live. I live in a local tourist trap, so this makes for a great Staycation spot. Even if you are dreaming of a distant location you can find something fun in your area. My family loves to be on the beach, and go to amusement parks. So we plan day trips to Virginia Beach and Busch Gardens. You can even take it one step further, where you can visit other cities like Richmond or the Outerbanks that only take 1-3 hours to drive. Staycations will make you feel like if you left your local area, even if for the day.

Need to Fly to get to your destination? You can save a lot of money if you plan early and if you fly during the week. Airline rates will be considerably higher on the weekends. Rule of thumb: try traveling if you can fly mid-week to mid-week.

Too Expensive to Fly? Consider driving instead. If you are a road warrior driving might be the way to go and it could be less expensive. Consider one airline ticket can cost over $200+ round trip per person depending on where you are going. If you have a family of four like I do $800 is not really saving much money. You can drive your own car or if you can’t put the miles consider renting one. Save money if you have discounts with your job or with AAA.


Look for other places to stay. You do not need to stay in a hotel or resort to have a vacation to remember. The new trend currently is Airbnb, which offer you all the comforts of home while helping you save with the cost per night or week. You will also have a fully stocked kitchen which will have all the supplies needed like pots, pans, etc that will help you create a culinary delight for your family saving money on food during your vacation.

Make your own cocktails! Drinking and eating out every night will cost you. Plan ahead by making your favorite cocktails, bringing your own wine or beer to your vacation spot. Find a local grocery store to buy essentials you will need to pull off an amazing cocktail instead of having a person at a local bar make you a $10-20 drink.

When All Else Fails, Plan your time wisely…. When you are on vacation you will want to plan your time wisely. This overtime will help you save money and not waste moments where you are supposed to be making memories. Remember to add downtime that you aren’t too rushed to enjoy the simple moments or exhaust your family overall. Give yourself a morning or afternoon off. Consider just hanging around the pool or going to a movie.


Many memories can be made just by keeping your vacations simple. You cannot always avoid spending money, but you can with these tips to enjoy the moments, and have a great vacation.


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