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Made Big Mistakes in 2018? Reflect to Learn!!

Made Big Mistakes in 2018? Reflect to Learn!!


With the New Year knocking down our door soon, we have to take a moment to reflect on what happened this year. Reflections, regrets, mistakes, these are all things any person feels they might have had in 2018. But ask yourself this, “What are your biggest mistakes of 20178and how can you learn from it?”.


We all might have been put in various situations to where we might have been in a transition situation; resolutions we made to ourselves in 2017 or 2018 that might have been broken or not completed. We might have developed relationships with people that you thought might have worked out, but they didn’t.

No matter what was the cause of the demise of your resolution or goal for this past year, don’t fret. The New Year is coming to make a change in your life and do better! You have to look back and learn to why or how you might have been put in these situations. You cannot harp on the who, why when, but learn. My philosophy is life is a learning experience. You are always the student but once you stop learning about life what else is there to live for?


Good Bye 2018…. Hello 2019


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