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Shopping at Kroger is Fun with Marvel Micropopz!

Shopping at Kroger is Fun with Marvel Micropopz!
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Kroger and Kroger Marvel Micropopz!. All thoughts and opinions are those of The Mommy Cooler.

Who says shopping can’t be fun?

Most moms cringe at the thought of bringing their children along shopping, myself included! Kroger Stores are going to change your mind about this while introducing Kroger Marvel Micropopz! My family and I recently attended one of our local Kroger’s special events to learn more about these superheroes invading one of our favorite stores. My children were super excited to share this experience with me and hopeful to see their favorite superheroes in action. My daughter and I agree that this is going to be the new craze that will get your children motivated to go shopping without all the moans and groans. Kroger has made shopping more fun for families with this interactive shopping experience while combining two things kids love. Here they are captivated by their favorite toys and their superheroes such as Captain America, The Hulk, Spiderman and more!



What are Marvel Micropopz!? They are 24 mini Marvel collectible figurines with suction cups at the bottom making them an interesting personal adventure on the go. Have fun collecting all of your favorite characters which invite your children to live their moments as they fight villains throughout the stores while you shop. The benefit for parents is that you can help your children collect these fun figurines just by doing your daily or weekly shopping at Kroger! You will receive one Free Marvel Micropopz package for every $30 you spend or you can purchase them for only $0.99. Easily increase your chances of collecting more of your favorite characters for free by purchasing the Mega Event products.


Experience a bigger reality with your superhero friends when you shop at Kroger by downloading the Kroger Marvel Micropopz app. Apple and Android devices allow you to be able to have fun with 6 different Marvel heroes. While shopping look around the store for the different displays, floor stickers, and posters with Marvel related icons. You will utilize the app and scan the icons displayed there to be surprised who you can take a picture with. My son enjoyed this feature, especially with his wild imagination, feeling the Hulk and Groot were helping us shop while he was fighting villains.


Visit Kroger and share your photos with a post to social media on your favorite platform with #krogermicropopz for fun interaction with others! Your app with also help you keep track of the entire Micropopz collection and which team member you need to collect next.
Store your entire Marvel Micropopz collection and get a limited edition collector album while supplies last!

Kroger Marvel Micropopz are only around for a short time at participating Kroger stores. Be sure when you schedule your next visit to Kroger to also prepare to find your favorite characters throughout the store for a fun new interactive shopping experience.

To find out more about Kroger Marvel Micropopz, visit the website.
Download the app
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