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Sickness All Around You? Prevention can help you avoid illness for you and your family!

Sickness All Around You? Prevention can help you avoid illness for you and your family!

Spring is but a few weeks away, but the weather is weird enough to be bringing crazy weather you won’t know how to dress. But this time usually brings out those nasty germs like the lingering cold and virus. It does not help that if you have young school aged children, they are in school, which is like a large petri dish of germs.

If you have made in this far in the winter without getting some sickness lucky you! But you may not be totally out of the woods yet! March is coming, and I know from my experience and my families, this is the month that can take you down!

You may not be able to avoid getting sick unless you live in a bubble, but you can prevent ways to get sick.

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Wash your Hands! This is common sense keep your hands clean. Teach your kids how to wash their hands making sure they do it after sneezing, coughing and using the bathroom. If you speak to a medical professional, they will tell you is the best form of prevention just by washing your hands! But kids can be tricky just to get them to stop to do it. You can have Hand Sanitizer around to make hand washing easier.


Keep you and your family healthy- Maintain a healthy balance of proper sleep habits, eating right and exercise. You may want to take daily vitamins or vitamin C to boost your immune system.

Clean and Disinfect! During this time of year, I feel like I am always cleaning with Clorox Clean Up and Lysol. Keeping your home disinfected will help you avoid getting sick.

Avoid Sick People– this is okay when you want to barricade yourself in your home, but you need to live right? To those who are sick, stay home if you can. This will help stop the spread of disease. Remember sharing is not caring!!!

You cannot avoid living and those around you but you can prevent ways of getting sick. I know for me working health care I have learned ways to avoid getting sick, but we are immune to it either. Using these tips will help you maintain a healthier and sick free home!


Any tips I might have missed? Tell me how do you avoid getting the sickness bug in your home.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. This post may contain Affiliate links. All opinions are my own. I am not the medical doctor or practitioner of any kind. I relate my information from my work experiences as a health care worker and Mom. See my disclosure/ privacy policy.

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  • Helpful reminders for keeping the family out of the doctor’s office. You might want to add something about air travel next time. We all got sick with a lingering cough after flying up north a few months ago. Thank you!

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