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Stop Making Excuses! Tips For Making You Say #NoSneakers

Stop Making Excuses! Tips For Making You Say #NoSneakers

With school back into full swing, my mantra was to push as hard as I can for my family, business and myself. The real deal is since school has started for my kids I haven’t done in a thing. I look like the meme below, having all the plans but never moving off the couch.

Now, don’t get me wrong but I have been off the couch. From my normal scheduled life, It would not appear to be so. All I can say is that I continue to add more to my schedule of excuses I make! Like for many of us making excuses can have a significant impact on our lives. Like the continuing cycle of procrastination by saying I will get to it soon, leaving things to the last minute or letting our feeling of one’s self-keeping you from getting you nowhere.

My eye-opening moment was when I planned on attending a Mud Run. Yes, this girl right here signed up for a race. What did I just get myself in to? I don’t have a pair of sneakers to run this race let alone me running. Oh boy, this was the moment I said, time to stop making excuses and go get some sneakers! So, what are some of your excuses? I find there are a few see my picture below:

Here are 4 ways you can start to make your life better with No Excuses!

What are you afraid of? Making a mental or an actual list of your fears or excuses that keep you from making it through the day. Make it a point to recognize what is keeping you from overcoming these excuses. You will start to see that your excuses are keeping you from not being the best version of yourself.

Setting Goals Matter! If you believe in what you are doing you will begin to do them in your day today. That could mean setting a daily schedule, wake up at the same time daily. If you set goals it clearly will become part of your life.

Start Small. As you begin your new way of recreating you to be excuse free make sure you make yourself accountable. Set small goals to keep with your larger goals you need to reach. For example set a schedule to clean during the week for 1-2 hours, change your routine that makes sense to your daily needs that can help you or your family.

Make a No Excuse Partner! Everyone makes excuses even the person that has the “perfect life”. Being accountable for your actions will keep you more aware of what you need and should be doing. My girlfriend and I are that for each other. We thrive on each other’s strengths and weaknesses.


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