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Summer Is Never Over! A Guide for Choosing the Best Swimsuit – The Mom Edition

Summer Is Never Over! A Guide for Choosing the Best Swimsuit – The Mom Edition

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This post is in collaboration with  Brigitte, and I am a Lifestyle Consultant and an editor for highstylife.com. She is a contributor to The Mommy Cooler Blog. All opinions are hers. This post may contain affiliate links.

Summer is in full swing, and the unbearably high temperatures call for a trip to a nearby beach or pool…and, of course, a new swimsuit! A good swimsuit will allow you to enjoy out in the sun, move around when chasing after your toddlers and teaching them how to swim, keep you comfortable, and on top of all that, it will ensure you look stylish and chic. For any mom out there who is looking for a swimsuit that will fit her perfectly, i.e. cover the imperfections while enhancing her best features, here is a little swimsuit-selecting guide for you to help you look your best when at the beach.

Supportive bathing suit tops for moms with larger busts

If you’re a mom who has a large bust, in order to pick the best top, it’s best to go for the one that provides moderate coverage. Opt for bathing suit tops that have underwire to ensure support and comfort when swimming and running around with your kids. Also, be sure to get a top that has thicker straps to ensure your bust stays in place while performing various activities at the beach, or get a top with multiple straps for double support. It’s best to go for halter tops with wider straps and definitely stay away from string bikinis, skinny straps, and push up padding – they’re not your friend and won’t be doing anything good for your bust. You can also use colors such as red or black to slim your bust and make it appear smaller than it is.

Body-shaping swimsuit bottoms for an appealing figure

As a majority of moms knows, it’s hard to find the swimsuit bottoms that actually look good on you. When they’re too tight, they can cause muffin tops, while the extra fabric that comes with boy short and thick-banded bottom may draw the attention to the area you’re trying to conceal. However, while finding the perfect bottoms may seem difficult, it’s not impossible, and all it takes is choosing the style that best fits your features. Look for swimsuit bottoms that shape the body and tighten the problematic area – high-waisted bikini bottoms are perfect for moms who are trying to mask the tummy area, while bikinis with petite prints will spice up your beachwear and make the area look smaller. Be sure to avoid Brazilian and other skimpy cut bottoms, and rather opt for those that provide more coverage so you can feel more comfortable while at the beach.

One-piece swimsuits with tricky prints for a slenderizing effect

The staple of the season, one-piece swimsuits come in a variety of options so you can easily find the perfect one for yourself. It provides full coverage of the torso, and even though it’s considered to be one of the most modest options, there are one-piece bathing suits that will suit women who like something more daring. There are swimsuits that come with a deep V-neckline that accentuates your decolletage, low back that shows off your back, or side cutouts that show a little skin while still keeping you properly covered. You can also find bathing suits that come with one strap to accentuate the shoulder area or you can go strapless – it all boils down to your personal taste and preferences.

Ruffles and hardware to add volume to the bust or hips

For those moms who would like to accentuate certain areas of their bodies, swimsuits that have some kind of detailing are the way to go. Moms with smaller bust should opt for lightly padded bras that add volume to the chest area and give you a believable cleavage, while bold colors and prints can help draw the attention to your bust. Look for tops with some extra elements such as ruffles and hardware to enhance your chest while also creating an hourglass silhouette. The same goes for bottoms – moms with smaller hips and flatter tushes should look for pieces with frills and ruching while showing a little cheek is preferable so as to give the illusion of a larger behind.

Although looking for a swimsuit that fits you perfectly can be quite bothersome, with a couple of tips and tricks up your sleeve and a little bit of know-how when it comes to body shapes, you can easily find a swimsuit that will create the desired silhouette and enhance all the best features on your body. Use the tips above as a guide next time you go swimsuit shopping to ensure you look and feel your best when you go for a warm-weather adventure.

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