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Summer Travel Season is Coming: 7 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained on the Road!

Summer Travel Season is Coming: 7 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained on the Road!


Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a self-proclaimed homebody, traveling with kids is a different experience. It’s a horse of a different color, so to speak.

The biggest challenge in traveling with kids is keeping them entertained.

When your kids are entertained, everything goes smoothly. When they’re bored, things can get ugly fast. It starts with a barrage of questions. Manageable, right? Then it’s kicking your seat or bothering a sibling. Until things finally, escalate to the point where everyone in the car is screaming at the top of their lungs.

Let’s not have another one of those episodes.

Instead, plan these seven fun ways to keep your kids entertained on the road.


Bring a magnetic board with words and pictures that your child can play around with. You can challenge your older kids to create poems while your younger kids create scenes with the picture magnets. This probably won’t keep them busy for the whole trip, but it’ll definitely help pass some time. As a bonus, the kids will be using their brains for this one.

Coloring art

Crayons are the old standby, but there are some other creative alternatives you can bring to keep things interesting. For example, there’s a newer option where you can scratch to reveal the color below. Or you can provide your kids with a combination of crayons and colored pencils to draw or color new and interesting coloring books.


You may think snacks are for nourishment, but who are we kidding? They’re really for entertainment. That’s why we look forward to the bag of chips or peanuts they hand out on every flight. Eating a snack gives you something to do while you’re riding it out to get to your destination.

To keep your kids entertained, bring a variety of everyone’s favorites and ration them out throughout the road trip.

Mad Libs

This old classic is one of the absolute best games for family road trips. This one can get the entire family involved and laughing their heads off.

Bring Mad Libs in a few different categories to keep it fun.

Group games

Classic road trip games like I-spy and punch buggy are great ways to help pass the time when you’re on the road. It’s also a great way to play and bond as a family.

Fun playlists

Great music can mean the difference between an epic road trip and a snooze fest. Create a few different playlists so that you can switch things up throughout the trip. Maybe one is just for the kids, another for the parents and a third is filled with music everyone enjoys.

Lively lunches

Pack a lively lunch for everyone that you can either eat in the car or as a picnic at a rest stop (weather dependent). Try building a sandwich with upgraded ingredients like mozzarella, tomato, and basil on a sourdough bun. Get creative with your lunch choices and everyone will have something to look forward to.

Road trips offer an amazing way to create memories that will last a lifetime. Just plan some fun activities ahead of time to ensure you’re going to be making good memories instead of bad ones!

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