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Tips To Help Your Family Refresh Their Fall Routines For Healthier Dental Health!

Tips To Help Your Family Refresh Their Fall Routines For Healthier Dental Health!



End of summer rush is clearly over and school is in full swing, how are your routines doing? I strive for my routines because scheduled lives matter! Summer was basically over for our family once I got their, ” Welcome Back Letter”. We scheduled the normal appointments from yearly physicals, to eye exams and the dreaded back to school shopping. After arranging all the appointments to get my children ready for school, I forgot the most important one the dentist! This should have been in my normal routine, but somehow I got off my normal schedule with my own dental appointment where my kid’s appointments just slipped my mind. The irony of it all is that my children’s doctor asked me about dental appointments and I still forgot.

Regular routine dental visits are important for every member of the family. This should be taken seriously since these visits can help you prevent certain conditions that can arise. Keeping these routine visits will not only help your child’s teeth but will help you as the parent to be the example for the family. Simple ways of changing my routine can be something as simple by planning ahead. Most dentists recommend that you come in to visit for normal dental cleanings and examinations at least twice a year. Don’t wait for the busiest times of the season like the new year or back to school to rush and see the dentist. Try and go when most people wouldn’t and keep those schedules, like around holidays or the beginning of summer. I don’t know too many people who would want to go and interrupt fun for a day at the dentist. Take advantage of these little moments to help keep your routines throughout the year.


Keep an eye on your current home dental routines. As the mom who is responsible for everyone’s health, it is my job to make sure each member is working on what they need to do when it comes to daily routines. Every time a dental appointment is made I want them to have a great checkup. So, I need to be my children’s cheerleader to push them to brush twice a day. Flossing can be tricky depending on your child’s age, but you can help them by making it a family fun time when you do it together! Teaching your kids the proper habits that will only set the stage for when it comes time for them to care for their own teeth.


Are your children are afraid of the dentist? I am not a fan of the dentist myself, but it is a necessary evil. You have to set the example while being the model so they will love to go as well. You have to make this experience fun. Planning appointment times around their perfect mood can help your child do better during there scheduled appointments. You can also plan to make appointments a family event, but I would suggest it only if you do not have major issues with your own dental health.



Keep your child’s mood happy prior to an appointment. The same goes for you as well. If you have a fear of going for your check-ups, so will your children. Keep communication open with your kids explaining what will be happening during their visits. Making sure you share as much information with your kids as to what to expect during a routine visit will make it easier for routine visits in the future.


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                      What’s in your basket?



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