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Top 6 Wedding Catering Styles To Make Your Wedding Memorable

Top 6 Wedding Catering Styles To Make Your Wedding Memorable

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Wedding is indeed the event that every bride and groom wants to cherish forever. And if you want to make your wedding memorable, food is the way to impress your guests. In this era of social media, we live for public display of our aesthetic sense. Food, as many of you will agree, sets the tone of the event while its pictures being a great content for your social media bragging. It won’t be wrong to say where most of your guests are driven by the recent wave of social media where food hashtags reign supreme, it definitely an irksome task for you to select the wedding catering style that can simply amaze your wedding crowd. In addition, it must be cost- friendly too so that you can also save big bucks for the beefed-up wedding décor or your dream wedding dress.

Top 6 Wedding Catering Styles That are on Trend

To mitigate your worry or combat the chaos on choosing your wedding catering, we have laid down a few top trends that you should look at. These styles can up the ante of your wedding by pleasing every wedding guest. Furthermore, you need not worry as there are popular options that allow you to choose the catering style matching the tone and tenor of the wedding.  Beneath are few wedding catering styles that are on trend:

Consider Food Stations for a modern vibe

If your wedding theme is inclined towards modernism, food stations are the perfect catering style for your wedding reception. Here, different food stations are placed around the venue where each of the stations is solely dedicated to one food item. This wedding catering style provides the liberty to your wedding guests to choose their preferred food. They can move from one station to another on the basis of their food choice.  Food stations are amid the trendiest wedding catering styles available in the industry.

Opt for Buffet to minimize the food waste

The buffet is wedding catering choices that can help you to minimize the wedding catering cost as well as it also reduces food waste. Here the dishes are set in long tables that allow the guests to fill up their plates themselves. After filling up the plates they can take the seats which are less organized. A buffet is a casual affair which is a perfect option for a huge wedding crowd. In addition, it is always advisable to choose dishes that are easy to serve so that the guests need not wait hungrily in the food queue for long.  

Think about Cocktail Style to depicts the uniqueness

Opt for a cocktail style if you want to add something unique in your wedding catering style. But keep in mind that it comes under the standing reception type. You can ditch the idea of a full plated meal and can make your signature move flaunting your style in a selection of the food. Cocktail style, which is cost effective too, allows you to play with the menu creatively.

Casual Dining for your intimate guest

If you are opting for a small and intimate wedding, including your close friends and family casual dining is a perfect option for you.  The type of wedding catering style giver the liberty to your wedding guest to know each other well while at the same time helping them to enjoy food.  If your wedding venue is a private place, casual dining can be a fun experience for your guests. However, this type of wedding catering style is not suitable for huge wedding crowd.

A Classic Sit-Down Dinner for traditional wedding

In sit-down dinner the wedding guest is sated in groups and dinner is served to them. This is a perfect match for traditional weddings. Also, this wedding catering style is a good option for a wedding with a large number of guests. It also allows you to plan a proper budget and enables you caters to know the amount of the food needed to be prepared.  In addition, you can plan the seat arrangement in advance, a perfect reception style for a graceful wedding ceremony.

Plated meals allowing your guests to mingle

Plated meals are also a good choice of wedding catering style for a traditional wedding. This style allows your guests to enjoy their meal while seating and at the same time can mix up with one another. In this style, the wedding guests order the meals and the waiters served accordingly. They can order the food in advance or while they are at the reception party. However, if you are thinking to choose this style make sure you are willing to spend a few bucks more in your catering style because plated meals style is expensive.

Wedding Catering Styles depend on various factors like the number of gusts or the venue size or most importantly the wedding theme you have chosen. In addition, the dishes you have chosen for the wedding day reception has also played a vital role in the selection of the wedding catering style. It is always a wise step to consider these factors prior to choosing wedding catering.

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