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Wedding Wellness Tips for the Bride and Groom before the Big Day!

Wedding Wellness Tips for the Bride and Groom before the Big Day!

For most people, their wedding is one of the most highly anticipated days of their life. So it’s easy to understand how this can break the stress scale with questions like what should I do? And when should I do it? Below you’ll find some pre-wedding tips to help you feel your best on your big day.

For the bride

  1. You want to look great in your dress, and you will! Avoid starving yourself, dieting like this is never healthy and will just make you tired and irritable. Instead, eat healthy foods in controlled portions and incorporate a gym schedule three months before the wedding.  

  2. Get a manicure. Once the word gets out that you’re engaged everyone will want to see your ring. That means you want your nails looking their best. Quick tip: Match the shape of your nails with your nail beds for an elegant and balanced look.

  3. Splurge on yourself! It’s your big day, so don’t be afraid to get yourself a massage as well as other beauty treatments you wouldn’t normally do such as a professional teeth whitening.

  4. Schedule a girls night. You have the rest of your life to spend with your significant other. Take time to have fun with your best friends. Studies have shown this is a great way to relieve stress.

  5. Do a makeup test. You’ve booked a makeup artist and that’s great! But don’t go into your big day without know exactly what’s going on you and how it’s going to look.


For the groom

  1. Your bride has spent countless hours on her hair. It’s your responsibility to look your best. Don’t cut corners; invest in some hair products that actually work.

  2. You can cut down on stress for the both of you by helping out as much as possible. A lot goes into a wedding, don’t let that burden fall on your significant other.

  3. Take a day to relax and decompress the week of your wedding. Make time to do something you enjoy either alone or with friends.

  4. If you’re not going to wear a classic black tuxedo, pick out the suit you feel the most confident in. Make sure both you and your significant other agree on the style.

  5. Get enough sleep! 8-10 hours a night will keep you clear minded and stress-free.

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