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Why Your Children Need Chores to Succeed in Life!

Why Your Children Need Chores to Succeed in Life!

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Did you like doing chores as a kid? Chances are, you didn’t, but you probably did them anyway, mainly because your parents were adamant that you must do your chores one way or another.

You may have done so grudgingly, but based on a scientific study, you should be thanking your parents they assigned you household chores and created a chore allowance chart for you to follow.

According to a 20-year study by researchers from the University of Minnesota, doing chores as a child best predicts their success in their mid-20s. Kids as young as three who did chores have a much better chance of finishing school, choosing the right career, and maintaining close and healthy relationships with their family and friends. In other words, chores are instrumental in helping a child become successful in life.

Then again, findings like these aren’t surprising, because doing chores does teach kids many things that can help them succeed as adults.

Life skills

Can you imagine being in your 20s, living alone, and not knowing how to cook, do the dishes, or even clean your place? If you did such chores as a kid, going through life would be definitely easier.

A sense of responsibility

Having your kids do chores around the house helps them develop a sense of responsibility, as well as a good work ethic that will help them be better functioning adults.

The idea of contributing something

Chores can help children build a love for the idea of pitching in, that they have done their part when it comes to all the household tasks that needed to be done. Transfer the scenario into a study group in college, or a team within their office, and you’ll see how the willingness to contribute for the good of everyone can be an asset.

Time management

Adults struggle with time management all the time, but if they had done chores as kids, they would probably be better at it.

You see, when kids are given chores, they will eventually figure out which tasks should be done first and which ones could be done later. They will also be able to see how much time should be given for each task, and they will promptly adhere to that timetable. If a child is already great at managing time as a kid, can you imagine how he or she would fare in college and later on, at the office?

Money management skills

If you decide to give your kids allowances for the chores that they complete, then you can also take it as an opportunity to teach them money management. With your guidance, they’ll learn what money is all about, the importance of saving up and giving to charity, the good and bad side of credit, and, eventually, the benefits of making investments.

Do your kids a huge favor now by giving them chores to do that will prepare them for a happy and successful life when they enter adulthood!

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