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Are You Extreme Weather Ready? Get Prepared to Battle the Next Storm!

Are You Extreme Weather Ready? Get Prepared to Battle the Next Storm!



Isn’t this crazy weather we have been having? No matter where you live in the United States, we all have been experiencing some sort of Extreme Weather Conditions. Living in coastal Virginia , I think I have see just about every type of season in one season.  Is this what Dorothy felt like in the Wizard of OZ? Between feeling like summer when its suppose to be winter or spring like rains and the balminess of fall. All weird right? Some would say it is global warming or other things, but to me it is down right scary!


Recently we had a Tornado Warnings in our area where 4 people died. Normally we do not experience this type of extreme weather but we did. So how can we prepare for the next big storm. Check out these tips for they maybe your next chance for staying safe in extreme weather in your area!



Gather Information- This is your first source to see where the possibility disaster might strike your area. Check your local news stations, online resources like  Facebook and the radio for information. Understand the area in where you live which will make the difference in if you need to evacuate or you can ride out the storm. Keep in mind it is never recommended you stay in your home if you can help it, you should try and evacuate if you can.

Plan ahead for all types of emergencies- No matter the force of nature you must always be ready. You will need to set up an emergency plan with your family. Designate the areas where you might evacuate to and set a route away from disaster.

Make a” to go” bag for emergency supplies for each member of your family- You will need to have supplies on hand like water, can goods, first aid kits, extra clothes, candles, flashlights, etc…. in order to get through the storm at home or for your evacuation.

Prepare your home or apartment– You will need to secure your home with the necessary items to protect it while you’re in it or if you need to evacuate. You might need to board up windows, bring in lawn furniture and secure other outdoor items so they won’t become a flying weapons to another person’s home.


 Are you extreme weather ready? Take this time to plan ahead and keep your family safe in any disaster!



For more information about how you can better prepare go to Ready!



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