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Fall is The Best Time To Check Out Your Favorite National Park!


As summer winds down, so much to do in an around my area of Hampton Roads. But one area that is full of discovery and history is the Colonial National Historical Park. Located in Yorktown, Virginia ,this is the historical landmark of the first settlers that came to the new world. You will be able to enjoy many areas of this historic area that many if the history buffs likes me will come to appreciate.


Take unlike other national parks; I feel this  one is like no other park , for you will have access to Historical Jamestown where you can learn how the early settlers lived. Learn more how those we have read about in the history books still live on today in Jamestown. Jump in your car and head down the historical Colonial Parkway. With  23 miles of  scenic landscape from Jamestown to York River you will find other areas that are notable, like the infamous Yorktown Battle Fields. This area is known for the last major battle of the American Revolution. Enriched with history of past battles and lush landscapes you will enjoy all this area has to offer. I love visiting and living near by even more  when you can go directly to  Yorktown beach to enjoy the water!


You will get so much from this historic area you may want to check out other notable areas that are national parks in your area.

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Disclaimer: This review was sponsored for Colopaxi. All opinions are my own. See my disclosure/privacy policy.


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