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5 Reasons to Why Parents Need To Sleep!

5 Reasons to Why Parents Need To Sleep!


As an adult, there is never enough time in the day to do every task you set your mind to. Did you know one big portion of your day should be reserved for sleep? With sleep, you should make it your number one priority since it does have an enormous impact to your over all well-being. As a “sleepy parent”, as I call it you become a Mombie or Dadbie trying to revolve around life’s craziness of going through the day to day. With work, school schedules, after- school meetings, kids activities; our minds are on overload. We truly have a hard time just trying to rest our bodies, let alone our minds just to sleep. Some would disagree and say they have so much to do who needs sleep? But you do! Just like we are concerned for our children if they do not get the proper amounts of sleep, we say things like they will be unruly, a force to be reckoned with. But like the moods of children, we as adults or sleepy parents are the same! Sleep is as important.

Here are 5 Reasons to Why Parents Need  To Sleep!

If you get proper amounts of sleep, you improve your health- when you sleep your body is getting the proper amounts of rest to remain healthy. Usually, a healthy body does not catch colds or get sick. It won’t give you’re the magic shield against getting sick, but you will be better than the parent who does not get sleep.

Sleep will better your mood and concentration- did you know that having the right amount of sleep would help you get into a better mood? If you find a person, who is crabby all the time you should ask to them to see how well they sleep ? But it’s so true. I remember the days after being sleep deprived when my children were babies and I would get comments of, “did you sleep ok” or “new baby”. Like most people you do not realize this until it happens to you. Sleep will help you to make better decisions and increase your memory.

Good Sleep= lower chance of getting depressed- Being well rested you will decrease your chance of developing some  sort of depression. Adults are more than likely to have massive amounts of stress due to many areas of their lives. Work, and family puts the most pressure of us that we can almost never see an underlying condition like depression. If you ever see a therapist,  usually the first question they always ask if you are getting enough sleep? It just shows you sleep does equal a healthy life.

Feeling achy then go to bed- my Mother would always say, “ If your body hurts then go to bed.” Getting enough sleep will make you hurt less. Sleep could be a better option, even better than having to take something for pain. 

You sleep you control your weight- If you get the right amounts of sleep, there is a high chance you will control your weight. Sleep will help you to control calories you would have picked up if you stayed up.


Bring your awareness to another level and celebrate Sleep Awareness Week with me, going on from April 23- 29. There are so many resources you can use to help you get the sleep you need. I can’t tell you , that  you won’t be a Mom or Dad Zombie no more, but your sleep does matter and your live depends on it!

Learn more about why sleep is important from a medical point of view, check out this link.

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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Why Parents Need To Sleep!”

  • Hi Bernadette,

    All great reasons to get enough sleep which I never seem to do. 😉 What I’ve learned recently is that sleep (particularly REM sleep) is where we recoup. If we don’t get enough in that state of sleep we tend to lose focus, forget things/memory problems. I know – just went through that. So this is a great article because people need to know that sleep really is important for all.

    Great job. Have a great week.

  • So important, yet it seems so difficult to actually get quality sleep. I have a 2 + 4 year old, both early risers. The youngest insists on snuggling in bed with me anytime from midnight to 6am… And it’s the sweetest thing ever until he starts kicking my ribs repeatedly… Hmm, just like he did 2 years ago in the womb! 😛 Fun times being a mom.

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