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Spring Cleaning Time: How to declutter your kids room

Spring Cleaning Time: How to declutter your kids room

Every parent knows the struggle of keeping a clean and organised home. Even if you succeed in keeping the kids’ toys and only in their room, it is still a struggle to keep it clean and de-cluttered. Kids always want more toys that they quickly stop playing with and they remain unused thrown in some corner of the room.

If you have decided to do a thorough de-cluttering and organising of your kid’s room you need to make a to-do list and follow it. Of course, every projects needs to begin in a clean space. Which means that the first thing you would need to do is start with the de-cluttering.

Get three baskets or bags or just make piles with toys that will be thrown away (broken toys, toys missing parts, etc.), a pile that will be kept and a pile to give away (toys that your kids have outgrown and do not play with any more).

You can even ask your kids’ opinions, explain to them about donating toys and clothes to other kids and ask them which toys they do not want any more. You can do the same with their clothes, shoes, hats, school books. When your kids do not need them any more, give them away.

After you are left probably with less than half of the toys, you would need to designate a place for every toy. The easiest thing for all parents would be to just use baskets or big plastic containers to store the smaller toys. Categorise the toys and the baskets- one can be for Legos, constructors, etc., one for small dolls and toys – soldiers, dinosaur figurines, cars, etc.

Another idea that can help you store toys easier and even their craft supplies is a hanging shoe organiser. You can buy one from any store and hang it on your kids’ closet door – you can store Barbies there, guns, cars, etc.

If you are sick and tired of the craziness and mix of pens, pencils, markers etc. on your kid’s desks you could separate them by putting them in separate mason jars. I keep even my desk organised like this. But since it is for your kids, feel free to adorn the jars with ribbons, stickers or paint. Prevent the chaos that ensues when everything is mixed in one place.

Another important step of this de-cluttering and organising project would be to clean. Top Cleaning Services Chelsea says you should clean as you go along. Vacuum and dust while moving around and organising. Spray and clean the windows, water the plants, if there are any in your kid’s room.

If your kids tend to throw their bags, jackets, hats, and other clothes on the ground or on furniture, put up hangers in their room. So that they can hang their bags, hats, jackets etc.

All other kinds of baskets are also a good way to store toys. And you can use the space under the beds to put the baskets in. And use other toys such as more expensive and rarely played with toys, stuffed toys, etc. to put on shelves.

De-cluttering is never an easy job but it makes the room look so much better after that. To prevent such clutter and chaos in your kid’s room, make sure you do regular projects like this to keep their toys updated. De-clutter toys and clothes to make room for the new ones.

If your kids are old enough you can get them involved in the process. They can help organise and even clean, make their beds, organise their closet and decide which toys they want to donate.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. This post is in Collaboration with Louise Meyer, A Cleaning enthusiast from London. All opinions are my own. See my disclosure/privacy policy.Photo credits RF123.  Additional Information can be supplied.

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