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Top 5 Toys : For Boys 5 and UP!

Top 5 Toys : For Boys 5 and UP!


My son says to me, “ Mommy my birthday is coming soon.” While he still has several months to go, it’s never too early to start planning ahead on what gifts to get him. Like any child, they are already generating a list of items from the last major gift holiday like Christmas. But keep in mind there are always new toys popping up thanks to the toy makers out there always making the parents run around for the next new thing! Let us list the Top Toys Boys 5 and Up might want.


LEGO- Let’s face it LEGO never goes out of style. No matter the age boys of all ages will want some LEGO set. Right now the hottest collections are Star Wars, Super Hero Sets, and Star Wars. Whatever set your Master Builder will want you can find these just about anywhere. My son continues to love the collection from The LEGO Movie.

Action Figures– Like girls and their dolls, boys will have their action figure sets. Like with other toys, action figures do vary depending on what is the “in trend”. For many boys my sons age they love Transformers Rescue Bot Collection, Star Wars and Super Hero’s (Avengers, Spiderman) Keep in mind these figures do change when a new movie drops. Look out this summer for those long anticipated releases that will make your son run to the store for the next big thing!


NERF-Boys if all age’s, even girls jump on this bandwagon with the NERF Blasters. They are meant to be for the older boys, but the young ones do get caught will the idea of this toy because they want to be like the other kids!

Video Game Consoles– all kids want to play games, even the big ones like Mom and Dad. They have so many kids’ friendly games for Play Station and WiiU.

Play dough– my son has asked for Playdough sets. Right now the  most popular is Play dough Town , this seems to be what little one’s his age wants. What I like the variety of the sets offered and it is easy to clean up.


With the variety and selections of the toys, your little ones will want it all. These toys will keep your little one busy for hours and hours!  Make sure you keep an eye out for new toys that might come up for the next big toy!

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