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3 Ways to Bake Up Holiday Magic in the Kitchen!

3 Ways to Bake Up Holiday Magic in the Kitchen!

It’s that time of year again… when your senses begin to take in the joy and enchantment of the holidays through all of the scents of the season: Pine trees. Fresh fallen snow. Warm apple cider. Peppermint sticks. And, of course, fresh-baked cookies.


No matter what your favorite cookies are, baking them can be an easy way for military families like yours to create new memories and keep shared traditions alive, no matter where you are during the holiday season.


Cookies also make tasty, easy, and budget-friendly gifts to share with friends new and old — and they are a very welcome addition from home when you send them in deployment care packages. The trick is making sure they get to their destination intact, so we’ve assembled a few smart care package tips for you to keep in mind. You can find them here:


But which cookies will you be baking? Here are three delicious cookie recipes to try for a magical-tasting holiday with those you love!


Chocolate Crinkles

Chocolate Crinkles. Chocolate cookies in powdered sugar.
Chocolate Crinkles. Chocolate cookies in powdered sugar.

This classic cookie is rich, soft and nearly melt in your mouth. Filled with the flavors of chocolate and vanilla, then rolled in the subtle sweetness of powdered sugar… they look like miniature snow-capped mountains. Perfectly decadent for a winter’s treat. Get the recipe.






Melting Snowman Cookies


What can put a traditional sugar cookie over the top? A cute, “melting” snowman, made of icing and marshmallows. Little ones love decorating and eating them… and they’re sure to warm your insides and your heart on a cold day. Get the recipe.






Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies


Just when you thought a cookie couldn’t get any cuter than a melting snowman… along comes these adorable reindeer. And they’re not just made with peanut butter, they’re sweetened with brown sugar and decorated with chocolate pretzels and M&Ms. Yum! Get the recipe.






So, which one will you bake first? We think each of the cookies above has the potential to become one of your family’s favorite all-time holiday cookies. So get in the kitchen and start baking up some seasonal fun!


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