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Eating What I Want Is Fun: Celebrating National Eat What You Want Day

Eating What I Want Is Fun: Celebrating National Eat What You Want Day

National Eat What You Want Day is celebrated every May 11th! Since there are so many fun types of National Holidays, this one should be the most highly anticipated holiday of the year! For many some, they may think it’s a day to throw away conscious-eating habits out the window or go, food rogue. But there are ways we all can indulge in the culinary concoctions you covet most, while still avoiding feelings of guilt and regret the next day.

According to research conducted by National Today about which foods Americans would eat every day if they could, pasta ranked second, solely after pizza. I love pasta, but I mean who doesn’t right? The Three Bridges ,a company with 25 years of pasta perfecting under their belts and these amazing indulgent choices:

Mac & Cheese With A Twist

Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food; adding a healthy twist of kale and spinach pesto sauce to the creamy goodness of mac and cheese lets you get comfortable and feel good about it.

Two-in-one: Dinner & Dessert

If you have a sweet tooth, you’re always looking for an excuse to make dinner feel like dessert. A dish like a butternut squash ravioli is the perfect solution to your dilemma! Better yet, add some cinnamon, powdered sugar and maple cream sauce for the ultimate beignet.

Simple, Savory & Protein-Packed

By pairing organic fettuccini with BBQ chicken and bacon, you get the natural goodness of pasta and marinara sauce, with protein-packed lean chicken for a simple, satisfying meal. Oh, and also bacon. Throw some veggies in for added brownie points.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This post is a collaboration with Valley Fine Foods, The Three Bridges. All opinions are my own.

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