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This post was written by Mindy, from Lynchburg Housewives In the City. She went with tickets to review Putt- Putt Fun Center on behalf of The Mommy Cooler  Blog. To see more from Mindy, check out her blog
Putt-Putt Fun Center in Lynchburg, Va invited us to come enjoy 2 hours of unlimited attractions at their Fun Center. Boy, did we have fun!! When first entering the building we were greeted by a very friendly guest service member named Ashley. She helped us get our passes and explained all the height requirements and rides to us. Aiden loves to play golf, so we headed there first. They have two separate courses. Aiden doesn’t really go in any certain order, more so by what course looked the funnest. Now, I will not name any names but someone may have gotten TWO holes in one……and it wasn’t Aiden;  😉 After golfing, he ran straight for the water boats. Now from the outside looking in you wouldn’t think you could possibly get that wet….well I was wrong. From the moment I stepped foot onto that boat, I was being attacked by squirts of water from all sides. Once we maneuvered that boat around, we paid those little kids and their dad back! I probably enjoyed the water boats the most. It was a hot day and that definitely was a fun way to cool off. 
We were able to dry off some while waiting in line to ride the Go-Karts. Aiden was staring down Number 20 the entire way through the line. Luckily that is the one we ended up with. He was not impressed with my driving skills as little kids were passing us on both sides. He made sure I knew that I could never be a race car driver! They offer single and double Go-Karts. After we got done “Losing” or “Coming in Last” as Aiden said, we stopped by the batting cages and watched some of the local baseball teams hit. Inside they offer two game rooms, spin zone bumper cars, Laser tag, food, drinks, ice cream and party rooms. We headed to the game room and loaded our card with $20. I do like the way they set up the cards and tickets. For each game, you slide your prepaid card and tickets automatically load to your card. We played basketball, skee ball, air hockey, hunting, dinosaur games, baseball toss and so much more. We had a great time at Putt-Putt Fun Center. They have so many attractions to offer and it is a safe and fun environment for kids and families. They have daily specials and promotions. Check out their website Here to see their times and pricing. I would recommend Putt Putt to everyone. They have something fun for all ages!
Disclaimer: US Family Guide for Putt-Putt Fun Center sponsored this review. All opinions are my own.  See my disclosure/privacy policy.

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