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5 Interesting things I didn’t know about Australia and Why it would be a Cool Family Trip!

5 Interesting things I didn’t know about Australia and Why it would be a Cool Family Trip!
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Who doesn’t love to travel? When asked this question I do not know any person who is not interested in seeing the world. But some would ask why, Australia? Well considering it is one of the worlds 6th largest countries with rich landscapes and history, why not?

Like the beach? Australia has over 7,000 beaches! Yes if you love the beach then looking into this area is the place for you. It is said it is the most tourist friendly nation, so hey let’s pack our bags and go! If you love to sunbathe, surf, snorkel and play in the sand. Well, this is a great area to go to. Families can have a great time if being outdoors is what you love to do!

Australia has rich culture and history. Let’s talk about the sites of the Sydney Opera House, Carlton Gardens. Did you know this country has over 200 languages spoken, so anyone can go there and be able to connect with the local population even those that are visiting? Visiting some of these local locations will get you and your family excited to experience all there is to offer for culture in Australia.

Soccer Fan? Oh, I meant Football! Australia’s national sport is Football aka Soccer if you’re in the USA! But there is nothing like a live game. The excitement of the crowd will get you to understand why Football is its national sport! One thing the world has in common is this sport!!!!!

You don’t need to visit a local Zoo to see the animals of the world! Australia has some of the world ‘s rarest animals. Yes, when you visit look to see where you can see some of the coolest animals like Koalas, Wombats, Numbats, and Bilbies.

The Great Barrier Reef. Let’s talk about the biggest outdoor aquarium around and the earth’s largest living organism! Home to beautiful and dangerous creatures makes this location a hotspot every person would love to experience at least once in their life. You will find more than just Nemo swimming but the beauty that is in this one area of the whole world will have you in awe.

Australia is known to be more than just kangaroos and Crocodile Dundee, but an area that has a great economic impact on the world with history and cultures. As my bucket list expands on the many areas of the world I want to travel to Australia is very high on my list!


So Tell me, what would you like to see in Australia?

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