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Get ready for fun and excitement with Busch Gardens and Opening of InvadR April 2017!

Get ready for fun and excitement with Busch Gardens and Opening of InvadR April 2017!

So much fun is about to happen in April of 2017, with the opening of Busch Gardens in Williamsburg first wooden roller coaster, called InvadR! I was able to get a sneak peek, during the Hard Hat Media tour last week to see what it takes to make an amazing coaster come to life. We were able to meet with the InvadR, development team and Busch Gardens Staff to give us the up to date thrills you will come to expect in April, 2017 when InvadR opens!


For me as a parent of a child who usually in the, “in-between” stage of never getting on roller coasters, this one is “family friendly where those who are 46 inches and up can ride and enjoy the fun! I am so excited to bring that excitement to my family because we all will be riding!


Here is what you need to know about InvadR!


  • InvadR will open April 2017!
  • Busch Gardens Williamsburg First ever-Wooden Roller coaster with steel framing.
  • Located in New France, intersceting with the Le Scoot Water Flume Ride
  • Max Speed 48 mph
  • 2 tunnels
  • 46-inch height requirement
  • Over 1 minute ride time
  • 74 Food drops
  • 9 hills


We are so very excited to ride this ride when it opens in April 2017. For more information on InvadR, check for updates on Busch Garden’s Website.



While you are waiting to experience this amazing roller coaster, don’t forget you can visit Busch Gardens before April. Opening day is March 25th. Be sure to get unlimited admission for two parks and score a real deal of the year with getting a Busch Gardens Fun Card. Check the website for more up to date information.


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I participated in a Media Hard Hat Tour. All opinions are my own. See my disclosure/ privacy policy.




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